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August 2019 News, Integrated Solutions

pecialised Battery Systems is a designer, supplier and installer of solar PV (photovoltaic) energy solutions and battery backup systems. These solutions are generally custom designed to suit a client’s specific requirements and unique issues that they may have in terms of energy. One such solution was recently implemented for one of the company’s clients, Stallion Security Electronics.

Stallion is responsible for providing electronic security solutions that entail the design, supply and installation of CCTV systems, access control systems (including boom gates, pedestrian gates, electronic and remote, biometric and mechanical solutions), alarm systems and perimeter control. All of this equipment requires an electrical power supply in one form or another. As a result, unreliable power supply can render these systems inoperable, leaving Stallion’s clients vulnerable to criminal action or even impacting client operations and thus profitability.

“UPS systems are the obvious solution but standard UPS systems have limited backup time and this cannot be extended,” says Colin Mackay, head of alternative energy/solar at Specialised Battery Systems. “Another option would be to use a generator for extended backup. However, with small systems spread out over a wide area, the maintenance requirements and running costs involved with regular load-shedding, running a generator regularly can get expensive and is not always practical. Battery backup systems offer longer expandable backup with intelligent management.”

The aim for the Stallion project was to provide power solutions that could be situated almost anywhere, in any environment, without adding too much infrastructure. “Also, we had to provide a specific amount of power for varying amounts of time for different applications. Specialised Battery Systems designs battery backup systems according to requirements. Each load is evaluated and a system is designed specifically per application.”

Mackay says the advantages of these backup systems are:

1) The battery is designed to supply a run-time as specified by the client – it is not limited by battery size.

2) The battery size in turn is not limited by the size of Specialised Battery Systems’ inverter/chargers which are able to manage relatively large batteries – up to 3000 Ah – comfortably.

3) The systems can be installed almost anywhere – outside or inside.

Each application that Stallion has is measured and designed on its merits, and in most cases there are a number of similar applications that can use the same solution. “The initial issues for this solution design were primarily in establishing the load required. Once Stallion technical staff understood our processes and requirements, this problem went away. Where component specifications are not readily available and security installations are already in place, it is a simple process of measuring the load,” says Mackay.

Specialised Battery Systems handles the design, assembly and supply of the complete systems as a kit, while Stallion personnel look after the installation and management. Measuring progress is an ongoing process and part of Stallion’s day-to-day business. If required, remote monitoring and management is available. Part of the service offered by Specialised Battery Systems is ongoing technical support.

“The client’s aim was to provide security on an ongoing basis through load-shedding and power failure issues, wherever they may be situated,” Mackay summarises. “Criminals are aware that security systems have limited backup time and a favourite ploy is to shut down power to premises on a Friday night (for example) and break into the premises

on a Sunday night when they know the alarm system has shut down. This is no longer possible as our backup systems provide power for 48 hours (or longer if required).

“In addition, access control for trucks,

staff and customers to clients’ premises allows business to carry on without interruption on an ongoing basis. These systems are upgradeable and extendable by adding solar power to them to further increase run-time – or even take them off-grid if required.

For more information contact Specialised Battery Systems, +27 11 425 3447, info@special-battery.co.za, www.special-battery.co.za

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