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The advent of fibre-to-the-home has not only changed the way we work and play but has also heralded the launch of a number of advances for the security industry. Private security provider, Atlas Security and MetroFibre Networx, one of South Africa’s fibre infrastructure providers, have entered into a collaborative partnership that brings many benefits to residents of Port Elizabeth. The partnership is indicative of the convergence between technology, security and information sharing and how communities can benefit.

The collaboration will see Atlas Security and MetroFibre Networx bringing uncapped fibre Internet to the homes of Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth. The benefits of super-fast and reliable Internet however extend much further than the entertainment and work aspects.

“Fibre Internet enables a wealth of security enhancements not previously possible on the limited bandwidth and high costs of 3G, ADSL or LTE networks. We see this working hand-in-hand with the existing Atlas Security camera infrastructure through improved camera technologies, enabling proactive monitoring and pre-emptive security measures.

From an Atlas Security perspective, this means we can proactively monitor the streets and surrounds around our client sites, providing a far more holistic and preventative security approach. Greater bandwidth also enables superior camera technology, which means we receive high quality, high resolution imagery. With an uncapped fibre line at home, you can also connect safety and security devices such as your alarm system and CCTV cameras to the web, allowing you to remotely access these feeds via a smart device or computer,” explains Wayne Hart, group marketing manager of Atlas Security.

Jan-Jan Bezuidenhout, deputy CEO of MetroFibre Networx, adds: “The collaboration between Atlas Security and MetroFibre talks to the commitment of our organisations to the community, by facilitating the futureproofing of homes and lifestyles for a world of connectivity, knowledge and services we have yet to conceive of. Enhanced security – an absolute must in South Africa – is just one aspect of what you can access with your fibre line. The reality is that a reliable Internet connection has become as essential to daily living as services such as electricity and water.

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