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Trackforce has announced the launch of its new Command Centre, which removes the need for security companies to have on-site supervisors at each customer site. The Command Centre achieves this with its ability to intuitively capture, process and display essential information required by supervisors to perform their duties, from the field, on an easy-to-navigate screen, irrespective of their location.

The Trackforce Command Centre equips security supervisors stationed at a central location with the capability to remotely monitor and manage individual or multiple officers and various security situations. It also delivers a unified threat analysis across multiple sites. Security supervisors now have quicker access to existing security resources needed to manage a situation and improve response times. The Command Centre also ensures that there is greater oversight and control over client sites.

As a component of the broader Trackforce security workforce management platform, the Command Centre is suited to security businesses with clients in various vertical market sectors. It is scalable and will support the security company through all its growth stages without negatively impacting already tight profit margins. The Command Centre is provided with a full set of features to all security companies irrespective of size, and all users become fully operational within a few days of the Trackforce platform’s implementation and customisation.

Guirchaume Abitol.

“The Command Centre changes the security environment from being reactive to pre-emptive, so security teams don’t have to wait for something to happen and can make proactive decisions,” says Guirchaume Abitol, CEO and founder of Trackforce. “It does away with disparate solutions that supervisors previously used to monitor and enhance their decision-making capabilities. This results in improved operational readiness and business efficiencies for security companies. Service standards are maintained, SLAs are met, and security companies are able to optimise the capabilities of their security supervisors.”

Trackforce Command Centre.

With a responsive view of security officers and developing situations at every level, the Command Centre empowers supervisors to go from a broad, regional display to site-level data. Management can also opt to zoom in and monitor individual personnel activity at any time and contact, assist, and communicate with even the most remote officers using push-to-talk and mass-notification communication capabilities. Supervisors realise enhanced situational awareness through real-time monitoring of security officers. With enhanced command and control capabilities, an officer or developing situation can be tracked in no more than two clicks, on a single screen, with fewer actions than previously required.

The system has built-in security and privileged user capabilities controlling who has access to specific functionality, customer data, and officers on client sites. Supervisors have the ability to monitor and manage individual officers and teams of officers, individual sites, or a group of sites in a city, a state, across the country, or globally if needed.

For more information, go to www.trackforce.com

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