From the editor's desk: Of sore feet and new websites

June 2019 News

I hope everyone has recovered from the hustle and bustle of Securex. This year was once again an exhausting event and now we’re left with following up. For Hi-Tech Security Solutions it was a good show and we have a bunch of new subscriptions and a few people to follow up with, you’ll see some of them in the upcoming CCTV Handbook 2019 which will be with your September Hi-Tech Security Solutions, as well as the Residential Estate Security Handbook 2019, which is just around the corner and will be sent out with your August magazine. We hope there are profitable follow-ups for everyone who was there, and possible a comfy-shoe allowance.

If you feel you have something to talk about either in the Residential Estate Security Handbook or the CCTV Handbook, please drop me an email. And don’t forget about the Residential Estate Security Conference we will be hosting in August and iLegal in September. There are reminders in this issue; it seems things aren’t about to slow down just yet.

We were all excited at Securex because the day before the event started we made our new-look website live – there’s a short article in this issue about it. It’s a long-overdue update to the look-and-feel of the site and it went through a hectic testing period before launch. No matter what one does, however, bugs seem to be very good at hiding so if you see any weird stuff on, please let us know. Even if you don’t, we would appreciate feedback on your opinion and experience on the site.

If you read our regular news briefs, you will have noticed we sent the second edition of Hi-Tech Home Security just after Securex. While the home security market is not necessarily our focus, it has become an important market globally and we also welcome feedback on the news brief.

In this issue you will see a feature on visitor management. I was surprised at the responses we received for this feature this year. Visitor management is always a popular topic, but this year it seems that more companies are coming up with various new products and features relating to visitor management, both in terms of residential estates as well as commercial entities. Perhaps more organisations are realising the need to move from access control that verifies a card or PIN number, to access that verifies an identity – as in knowing who the individual coming in is as opposed to verifying that whoever is coming in has an active card or PIN.

The Verizon 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report states that 34% of security breaches involved insiders and 39% involved ‘criminal groups’ (there is an overlap in these figures so some of the insiders would be working with syndicates). With the global threat at that level, what would the local insider threat numbers be given the strength of syndicates in this country and the dismal economy? Perhaps that’s a topic for the Access & Identity Management Handbook?

Andrew Seldon



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