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October 2015 Financial (Industry), Perimeter Security, Alarms & Intruder Detection

Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) is a trusted name in security for financial institutions. With decades of experience protecting the assets and facilities of some of the largest financial institutions in North and South America, DMP has earned recognition as a leader in advanced electronic security technology.

The company’s position in the market has been strengthened by its first-hand awareness of the needs of both bank-owned and bank-contracted central stations. DMP had its beginnings as a central station service provider, helping the company to clearly understand security requirements from all sides. The company has developed a steady stream of innovative technology that addresses real-world security threats and the day-to-day operational needs of financial institutions.

Organisations that rely on security systems need technology that combines simple installation, uncomplicated operation, desirable features and, most ­importantly, reliable protection. These are all traits readily identified in DMP technology which is non-proprietary.

DMP offers a range of two-way 868 MHz wireless detectors including PIRs, panic buttons, key fobs, and door contacts. The fully UL-compliant wireless security technology manufactured by DMP offer many benefits when dealing with installations in historical buildings where no wiring will be allowed and the product range draw less power, delivering a three to seven-year battery life.

DMP keypads integrate credential readers in the form of cards or fobs. These electronic credentials provide codeless system control to arm/disarm the system. Additionally, they serve as keys that not only enable employees to enter or exit the branch, but can also be used to control or monitor employee movement within the facility. Separate areas and zones can be identified, and each one individually secured or monitored. DMP System Link software enables branch managers to quickly review each employee’s arrival, departure and other activity within the branch. Financial institutions are in­creasingly embracing the use of credential readers for keyless entry.

DMP panels are programmable with up to 99 different user profiles. These profiles define the level of system or facility access available to employees, contractors, cleaners, cash handlers or other service providers. Once the profiles are established, each person or group can be assigned to one of the user-defined profiles, automating branch security management.

False alarms

False alarms are a major concern for the entire security industry, law enforcement, and particularly for end-users in financial institutions. Eighty percent of false alarms are caused by user error. Branches realise a major reduction in false alarms by relying on the codeless, simple-to-use proximity cards and fobs that can be used with DMP keypads. Additional false alarm reductions are achieved thanks to the intuitive operation of DMP user interfaces as well as keyless entry using access readers and credentials.

With the release of the XR550 DMP introduced two valuable and innovative features that have been added to help mitigate audits. User Code Inactivity and Zone Inactivity monitoring and reporting. The XR550 can now monitor a user code that is not used within a programmable number of days or if an intrusion or panic zone is not tested or does not change status in the armed or disarmed state in a programmable number of days, weeks, months or one year notification will be sent.

Unlike most other systems, DMP brings together electronic security and access control in a single, integrated UL and ULC compliant system. Integrated protection means fewer components, simpler and faster installation, and more efficient operation and management. Overall, it provides a higher level of protection at a lower total cost, while meeting Bank Protection Act standards and practices.

Technology that works

A hallmark of DMP technology is its focus on maintaining and optimising communications between branches and the central stations monitoring their alarms. When those links are broken, whether due to weather, natural events or deliberate attacks, alerts and alarms can go unheard. Without constant, reliable communications, even the best alarm system is virtually useless because the alarms go unheard.

DMP offers up to eight paths of communication for disaster recovery protection. If the primary dial-up or network connection is lost, the DMP system can be programmed to revert to an additional seven remaining paths of communication, either simultaneously or sequentially. When the primary communication link again becomes available, the panel returns to its normal communication configuration.

Another communication innovation is the recently released CDMA & HSPA 3G/4G Digital Cellular Communicator, an expansion card for the DMP XR550 panel that provides a quick two-step method to establish a wireless cellular communications path as either the primary link or a reliable backup.

With Adaptive Technology, the seamless transition from one communications path to another occurs within milliseconds, ensuring that no check-ins or supervision messages will be missed. This allows a system to be fully supervised when one communication path is disrupted. The user can select the check-in frequency so that communications using the backup path will emulate the normal frequency.

With most existing cellular technology, there is a two-minute delay between when a dial-up network goes down and the first cellular transmission occurs. That’s a two minute window of opportunity for people trying to attack a location. With DMP technology, the transition from primary communications to the cellular backup occurs within milliseconds.

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