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February 2015 Security Services & Risk Management

InfinIT, a local technology innovator, has developed a new intelligent security solution that can be used by security operatives on foot patrols or in vehicles, while being monitored and managed in real time from a central control room – or even a mobile control room. The system has been designed to operate as a standalone unit if required, but works more effectively as a collective with multiple units connected to a command centre running Custotech’s Imperium Visual Intelligence System (InfinIT assisted Custotech in the development of Imperium).

Starting in the control centre, Imperium runs on a central database that can be connected to any other database, such as those run by the SAPS, Business Against Crime, eNatis or any other. It is equipped with full video analytics functionality as well as automated number plate recognition (ANPR). The latest version has also been equipped with facial recognition algorithms, all developed locally by InfinIT.

The database is able to collect and collate information, such as licence plates and descriptions of stolen vehicles, images of suspects etc., and send these to the mobile units which are able to automatically scan the area and alert the operatives in the vehicle as well as the control room when wanted suspects or vehicles are spotted. The onboard artificial intelligence system, also designed locally, is constantly surveying the information collected and advising on the appropriate course of action.

Its constant connectivity also allows the control centre to monitor the activities of security operatives and react to any events by alerting the SAPS or sending assistance if required.

A Raptor on the road

The vehicular mobile solution is named Raptor and can be fitted to any vehicle. When installed, it ensures the vehicle has a full Windows computer running with a touch screen interface on the dashboard to allow the crew to manage their intelligent assistant and receive instructions from the control centre. The technology takes minimal space with the computer equipment all set up under the passenger seat – apart from the screen.

The computer is connected to four external cameras. It also includes a cellular modem to connect the computer to a central database where all information is synchronised to ensure the onboard AI has the same information to work from as the control room. Raptors are also constantly tracked by GPS to allow the control centre to manage and synchronise patrols and response units on an onscreen map.

While the network connection ensures that each Raptor is constantly in touch with the control room, the onboard computer ensures that it can function autonomously if it is in an area where there is no signal or if the signal is blocked.

The four cameras cover all four sides of the vehicle and can identify licence plates while on the move. As the vehicle scans its surroundings, it views the licence plates of the vehicles around it (without storing the information). If a wanted licence is spotted, it alerts the crew via the touch screen interface, providing the details of why the vehicle is of interest. Similar functionality is available for facial recognition, although the vehicle will have to be moving more slowly to be able to accurately identify faces.

If, for example, the Raptor is driving through a mall’s parking area, it can scan the cars parked and pick out any stolen or suspect vehicles and alert the appropriate people. Similarly, while on patrol on the nation’s roads, if a hijacked vehicle’s number plate is downloaded the system will automatically scan for the number while the crew goes about their normal work, alerting them and the control centre if it is found.

The Raptor is also useful for normal patrols as it allows the control room to view whatever the crew is seeing via the cameras, monitor where they are, and if they are in danger, dispatch assistance. As a management tool, this allows companies to keep an eye on their guarding employees and ensure they adhere to the policies and procedures of the company. It also collects evidence when arrests are made, including any interviews with suspects close to the car, again ensuring that nothing untoward took place in the process.

Another benefit of Imperium is the ability to manage multiple Raptors simultaneously, keeping tabs on patrols’ locations and activities. It also allows the security organisation to synchronise its response to serious events, ensuring they are handled appropriately with the minimum of injuries.

Mobile on foot

Not all guarding or policing activities are undertaken in vehicles, and InfinIT has catered for foot patrols with another locally developed product, the Ranger. The Ranger is a rugged Android-based smartphone that allows control centres to manage foot patrols more effectively while adding to the individual operative’s safety. It also allows the operative to send and receive information to and from the control centre at all times, providing information or instructions.

The Rangers are equipped with a dual SIM capacity to ensure they remain connected at all times. The devices can send and receive images of suspects or situations to enable a faster and more effective response. As expected, they are also equipped with GPS technology to allow for accurate tracking.

One of the more innovative features of the Ranger is its ability to scan and identify fingerprints via the device’s built-in camera. Fingerprints can be enrolled and used to identify users simply by pointing the camera at the user’s finger. The software takes an image of the fingerprint, determines the minutiae points and then either authenticates the user or not. This is a more secure way of granting access to sensitive information as the user can’t claim that someone stole his or her fingerprint.

A T-Rex in a van

For large events or security operations by companies or local authorities, InfinIT has also developed a control vehicle, named the T-Rex. The T-Rex technology is installed in a van or truck and is able to manage 16 Raptors out in the field. In turn, each Raptor is able to manage 16 Rangers deployed in the field. Using this solution allows security operations to take place almost anywhere, without losing the ability to coordinate multiple operators. In fact, a single T-Rex will be able to manage 256 deployed resources – 16 Raptors that each control 16 Rangers.

The T-Rex replaces the control centre in coordinated operations, ensuring the security leaders are on site and able to manage the situation. Like the Raptors, however, 12 T-Rex trucks can be managed at once from the central control room running Imperium, allowing security companies and authorities to manage more than one event or incident at a time.

Integrating the technology, people and security processes with InfinIT’s Imperium PSIM application allows organisations to more effectively manage their security operations in real time and in a coordinated manner. Imperium offers a host of analytical functions that does much of the intelligence work for operators, identifying problems before humans notice them and offering solutions based on the user company’s standard operating procedures.

With the Raptor and Ranger technology, this management service can be taken out of an organisations own premises and applied remotely. It can be used by armed response companies covering various neighbourhoods, or by municipal authorities looking to address crime with real-time intelligence and control. Hi-Tech Security Solutions hopes to have a case study on a rollout of this integrated security system in the near future.

For more information contact InfinIT, +27 (0)12 665 1152, info@infinitbis.co.za, www.infinitbis.co.za

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