Perimeter challenges with CCTV

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Effectively securing perimeters visually versus remaining in budget has always been a challenge. Risk and security managers have a challenge with the solutions, and security operators have to monitor a few cameras at one time and still miss most intrusions unless they are monitoring the camera when and where it is taking place.

For the past few years, various brands and types of video analytics have been available, and in conjunction with thermal imaging have made it possible to go from 25 m between cameras to up to 1 km per camera with cost-efficient thermal cameras. The problem with this is that the video analytics only function properly at a fraction of the distance, so we still rely on the operator to monitor most of the time.

We now have a more cost efficient and effective visual solution with accurate and advanced self-learning video analytics that function at 250 m, even in total darkness.

The operator now simply needs to watch a blank screen and focus on cameras and alerts that pop up, and escalate if he does not act. At the same time, the client has high quality video recordings that can be used as evidence and can be easily monitored from various locations without wasting bandwidth, and without requiring expensive networks thanks to Avigilon’s patented High Definition Stream Management (HDSM).

The system can be configured to ignore guards on patrol, or give the operator the opportunity to also monitor that the guards are on their patrols and receive alerts if the guard loiters in an area for too long.

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