Specialised and converged security

Residential Estate Security Handbook 2016 - Vol 2 Residential Estate (Industry)

Enforce Security offers specialised and converged security solutions to residential estates, with expertly blended capabilities of both manpower and technology.

As one of the country’s leading residential estate security providers, Enforce is – and has always been – on the cutting edge of new technology, and makes use of the latest, most effective equipment at its residential estate sites. It also employs skilled and appropriately trained manpower to operate the technology.

By blending the new and the traditional, Enforce is able to offer estates and communities the latest CCTV surveillance technology, as well as those with the knowledge to operate it. It also supplies trained security guards for estate entrances, patrol guards within estates, and armed response patrollers in areas surrounding estates. Some of its perimeter and access control technology and services include:

• Biometric/fingerprint access control systems.

• CCTV with alarm verification and analytics.

• Remote video verification (RVV) and monitoring.

• High-tech fire detection equipment.

• Automated boom gates.

• Integrated camera technologies.

• Electric fencing with built-in detection mechanisms.

• Fence-mounted fibre detection systems.

• Thermal imaging.

• Automated reporting.

• Control room operation and management.

Enforce prides itself on its multi-levelled and multi-faceted approach to residential estate security in its entirety, so does not only focus on securing estates from their boundaries inwards, but also the surrounding areas. This way, residents are not only kept as safe as possible while in their estates, but also when leaving or arriving home.

Enforce achieves this with its vehicle patrols and Watchmen Camera technology that provides live and remotely-monitored 24-hour feeds of the areas in which they are erected. Any suspicious or threatening activity picked up in the areas around its estate sites can be responded to by either its armed response officers and/or the police, before it even reaches the estate.

In addition to manpower skills and technological capabilities, Enforce also places great emphasis on specifically matching the personal qualities of its security guards to various estates. This ensures that guards are not only skilled and experienced enough to handle all aspects of their estate security duties, but also that their individual personalities and demeanours are perfectly suited to respective estates’ ethos, lifestyle and the types of residents who live in them.


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