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Residential Estate Security Handbook 2016 - Vol 2 Residential Estate (Industry)

Security in complexes and multi-dwelling establishments is a high priority issue in the minds of discerning owners and residents. The most visible and regularly utilised aspect, for residents and visitors alike is, of course, access control on entry/exit.

How often have you found yourself, as a resident or visitor at the entrance/exit of a complex or multi-dwelling establishment, tapping your fingers in impatience on the steering wheel as motorists ahead of you wrestle with a cumbersome and grubby old book or clipboard? Tap, tap go the fingers, as each driver fills in copious details in blocks that are never big enough, wondering, as they do, if anyone will ever look at or check up on what has been written, as they laboriously sign in or out.

Comb Communications has recognised the need for speed and efficiency at entry/exit points. Our people-focused technology has transformed the tapping of fingertips on steering wheels into the quick tapping in of a simple code, into a keypad linked to its effective online system, the MK II, with far-reaching reporting capabilities. This user-friendly add-on offering to Comb’s MK II Access Control System aptly bears the name TAP TAP (Temporary Access Pin).

The first GSM intercom system prototype was installed in 2004 and along with the second prototype, is still up and running efficiently. Residents simply send a message to the application, which in turn sends back, via SMS, a unique, computer generated code which is then forwarded to prospective visitors for use at the gate.

Comb recognises the need for gate personnel to be familiar with the correct use of the MK II system and the TAP TAP add-on. Excellent training is given to guarding companies in this regard. By the same token, installers are thoroughly trained to ensure that both the MK II system and TAP TAP entrance/exit keypads are expertly installed.

Comb has achieved synergy with Centurion Systems (South Africa’s biggest automation company), Vodacom and Nashua Mobile, and MK II and TAP TAP users benefit directly from the strength found in its alignment with these established and respected providers.

As of September 2012 Comb’s gate openings per month shot over the two million mark; by comparison a year ago the figure was one million. This increase clearly demonstrates a remarkable growth trend for the company.

For more information, contact Keep Access Control Systems, +27 (0)11 805 0175, [email protected],


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