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After many interactions between existing estates currently using the Saflec Access Control solution, Saflec Systems decided to develop its own Estate Assistant platform. The Estate Assistant development started four years ago and, with the assistance of a well-known estate, Saflec has developed a solution forming part of the S.A.C.S. access control solution.

S.A.C.S E.A. (Saflec Access Control System Estate Assistant) is a client-type add-on to the S.A.C.S. Corporate edition management software. This addition to the S.A.C.S. software family was developed to address certain challenges faced when implementing access control measures at residential estates and multi-tenant office parks.

The above-mentioned installations usually have to cope with large amounts of day visitors as well as short- and long-term contractors. Domestic staff management also poses a unique challenge especially when workers service multiple properties on alternating days.

Some other challenges faced by estate managers are the prevention of persona non grata individuals from being allowed back onto the premises and screening persons for criminal records before entry is granted. The latter is usually achieved by hooking into a national database with ID number and/or fingerprint verification.

S.A.C.S E.A. addresses most of these issues with a user friendly interface focused on the stand/individual property. With a central point of entry, it is easy for the operator to manage owners, tenants, contractors, domestic workers and vehicles linked to a specific stand or property. This also provides an ‘at a glance’ overview and history on individual properties within an estate.

Access control management is further simplified by automatically revoking access rights based on certain criteria such as attendance history and administration functions like unpaid levies. The system offers a variety of suspensions such as a temporary ban all the way up to ‘persona-non-grata’ level.

S.A.C.S E.A. also offers the user the ability to capture photographs, enrol fingerprint templates, read RFID tags and print cards without the need for third-party software. It shares data with the S.A.C.S Corporate edition software which eliminates the need for multiple entry of common information.

S.A.C.S E.A. will be further enhanced in future as part of Saflec’s development process to incorporate mobile ID and licence disc capturing technologies as well as single entry visitor management via mobile and web applications.

For more information contact Barend Keyser, Saflec Systems, +27 (0)11 477 4760, barend.keyser@safsys.co.za, www.safsys.co.za


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