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Residential Estate Security Handbook 2016 - Vol 1 Residential Estate (Industry)

Morpho chose to promote its next generation access control products. According to marketing manager Andrina Diedericks, these are not just products with new features, but rather new biometric technologies.

She explains that over the past three years Morpho has launched its Morpho 3D Face reader for secure facial recognition, MorphoTablet, a secure biometric tablet and the MorphoAccess Sigma Series of fingerprint access and time products. The last addition to the Morpho product range – named MorphoWave Tower – delivers fast, touchless access control with a wave of the hand.

She adds that Morpho’s products are reliable and the company has solid proven experience. However, because technology is changing at such a fast pace, the release of the new generation products places Morpho at the forefront of biometric technology. Heavy investment in research and development has enabled the company to keep its customers abreast of the latest trends and technologies available.

Morpho was pleased with the number of people who attended the conference and in the interest exhibited by the delegates from the residential estate market. Understanding the needs of each of the vertical market sectors plays a critical part in Morpho’s marketing offering. The event therefore provided Morpho with insight into how residential estates are using the products and which main factors are taken into consideration when purchasing a solution.

Morpho has a long history in the South African residential estate market and there are a number of large, well known estates which use their products. Diedericks says that the company has seen a trend by residential estates whereby they are moving towards biometrics for access control. Within large estates there are a number of people entering and exiting the estate in terms of residents, visitors and contractors. Fast, accurate identification and convenience are two factors that need to be considered. Estate managers need a solution that is reliable, thereby limiting unwanted downtime and providing convenience for residents and visitors.

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