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A company in the mining sector was frustrated by the quality of its existing analogue cameras, which were unable to match the performance of their excellent VMS solution. After discussions with Security & Communication Warehouse (SCW), the company decided to embrace IP camera technology.

Primarily, the analogue surveillance system offered limited resolution, field of view and networking capabilities. A prerequisite for the selection of cameras was that they should be able to allow a wide viewing spectrum of fine details from numerous angles.

The client considered a number of systems but ultimately selected the Canon full HD VB-S800D mini dome and VB-S900F mini fixed box IP cameras due to their high resolution, compact size and excellent functionality. The Canon S-series IP cameras not only afford the client superior image quality, but the system also allows remote access, which eliminates the need for dedicated security monitoring in an on-site control room.

The VB-S800D fixed mini dome network security cameras feature full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution at 30fps. A CMOS sensor delivers impressive image quality without colour bleeding or blurred lines. Auto smart shade control (SSC) optimises exposure to improve highlights and correct dark areas in back-lit scenes or low light conditions, offering a true day/night operation.

The S900F full HD network mini fixed box IP cameras have new ultra-compact lens technology and their compact design makes them ideal for a range of discrete indoor commercial environments. The cameras have a CMOS sensor for high performance in low light and a high-resolution wide angle Canon lens.

Both models are capable of multi-streaming of MJPEG and H.264 video and direct recording/playback from MicroSD card (64 GB).

SCW’s Marelize Campbell explains that the system is easy to integrate with other systems and applications and provides high levels of security, with increased flexibility.

The company was faced with many high-risk security areas which needed precise monitoring. The Canon S-series cameras offered excellent indoor surveillance capabilities, wide angle of view, phenomenal low light performance and affordability. The result was a CCTV surveillance system that provides the client with superior resolution, coverage of a much larger area than was previously possible. This allows more in-depth and accurate monitoring of the pre-selected areas, thus providing substantially higher levels of security.

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