Intelligent intruder detection

October 2019 Perimeter Security, Alarms & Intruder Detection, Products

Imagine a system that integrates all your security and business systems and can interpret people, actions and events, and help you and your employees to become more efficient, more vigilant, more effecting in preventing and reducing security breaches, vandalism and more.

Secutel Technologies offers customers an effective intrusion detection system. Its locally developed and produced SecuVue and Visual Verifier solutions can be customised to the specific requirements of customers and integrated with existing CCTV systems.

Visual Verifier has the ability to function as a normal intruder detection system with the added advantage of allowing control rooms to obtain an image of the event to verify whether it is a false alarm or not. Other features include:

• It sends images to the control room that can be viewed to enable the operator to make an appropriate decision when dealing with the event.

• The system can be set to take a photo when a device activates and not only on the prompt from a PIR.

• The system was specifically designed with low bandwidth and poor lighting conditions.

• Low power usage.

• Battery back-up is available for extended availability.

Cloud-based analytics

SecuVue offers cloud-based video analytics via its cloud video recorder that can support up to 16 cameras on a single unit. Footage is recorded on the local storage in full HD while snapshots (not video footage) are sent to the cloud in low resolution, saving time and bandwidth. The analytics works on exceptions, only meaning the images are only sent when movement is detected within defined areas.


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