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October 2019 Perimeter Security, Alarms & Intruder Detection, Products

Homeowners are looking for more functionality in their security systems. One area where there are major changes is in the integration of traditional intruder detection systems with home automation, surveillance and access control solutions.

Set up the right way, smart homes are not just ‘a cool-to-have’. They can provide excellent security, in the form of a standard burglar or fire alarm, auto-door locking and unlocking, auto-calling of police and fire services, and smart lighting. The DSC iotega is a next generation wireless security and automation solution designed to provide safer and smarter living for homes and small businesses.

Francois Smuts, business development manager at Elvey, says that from the outset, any integrated intruder detection security system must provide the assurance of complete security for the user. With built-in PowerG wireless technology, iotega provides a fully encrypted security system that elevates homes and businesses to a new level of security while including remote interactive smart services. It provides superior reliability with end-to-end 128-bit AES encrypted 2-way sensors and includes multiple advanced security features such as a built-in siren, 2-way voice, 99 user codes and Transport Layer Security.

“A connected home solution like iotega, which is easy to install and lets users choose options from a security-only setup to a full security and home automation solution, is one that anticipates the future and an ever-expanding Internet of Things. Nothing offers more peace of mind than users being able to remotely monitor their home/business, regardless of how tech savvy they are. There’s also the benefit of time and money savings as installations are made simple with the latest innovations in wireless networking technology,” says Smuts.

Discrete in design, iotega includes a vanishing touch keypad, as well as an optional 7-inch Wi-Fi enabled touchscreen, wireless keypad arming station and flexible software app compatibility.

As an intelligent, full premises management solution, iotega allows end-users to view cameras, lock doors, adjust temperature, switch lights on/off and enables a wide range of other home automation features.

Visual verification

Elvey also offers the OPTEX VXI-CMOD that allows users to upgrade their OPTEX VX Infinity 12-metre outdoor intrusion sensors to an app-based visual verification solution by introducing a wireless 180° day/night camera.

The VXI-CMOD is a wireless HD camera module with 180° panoramic angle and with built-in infrared LEDs for enhanced vision at night. It is also equipped with a microphone. It easily integrates with hardwired VX Infinity sensors to create a complete visual verification solution.

“The VXI-CMOD can be retro-fitted onto any existing wired VXI models (VXI-ST, AM, DAM), fitting snugly on top, creating a single unit visual verification system. When the sensor detects an intruder, the integrated camera module is activated, recording the event and sending a notification through an app called OPTEX Vision to the paired mobile phone(s). Available in the App Store and Google Play, this app provides access to the live view with sound, as well as access to recorded pre- and post-event footage,” Smuts points out.

Smuts adds that each application requires a customised approach and while some home owners may indeed source and install their own integrated smart home/security system, it is advisable to find a system integrator or installer who can provide the right advice and solutions. “This of course, should be coupled with products and systems that allow for scalability and provide the end user with convenience and high-end security.”


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