Thermal cameras with artificial intelligence

October 2019 Perimeter Security, Alarms & Intruder Detection, CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring, Residential Estate (Industry)

Marius Du Preez, business development manager – Gauteng, for Dahua Technology South Africa, represented Dahua as the first-time sponsor took a Gold Sponsorship at the Residential Estate Security Conference. Du Preez also represented Dahua on the Sponsor Panel.

Du Preez said the conference was good for the company and provided good exposure for the products on display, although he would have liked to see more time for networking with the delegates and other exhibitors.

Dahua showcased solutions that are important to residential estates, namely perimeter protection. The Dahua stand had a thermal camera set up for visitors to look at, along with the displays to demonstrate what the viewer will see and can do from their control centre. The thermal provided more than simply thermal images as it was enhanced with Dahua’s artificial intelligence software which allows for more accurate detection and recognition of people and objects. In turn, this leads to far fewer false alarms, which allows the security team to focus on real alarms rather than running after fake alerts.

In addition to the thermal camera, Dahua also displayed a few other cameras on its stand, including some devices aimed at the home security market which are simple to set up and use.

Looking ahead, Du Preez explained that over the coming year Dahua will be placing more emphasis on artificial intelligence, machine vision and using these to deliver better business intelligence from video data. Summing it all up, he said Dahua wants to show how its solutions can deliver BI (business intelligence) and ROI (return on investment).

For more information, contact Dahua Technology South Africa, Marius du Preez, +27 66 230 2684,,


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