Improving access in mines

October 2019 Mining (Industry), Access Control & Identity Management, Products

The implementation of new access control technologies in the mining industry has been taking place over the last ten or more years in South Africa. There has been continuous search for the ‘perfect’ access control system to fulfil the stringent requirements and challenges of the mines.

Systems such as proximity/barcode readers, hand geometry readers, fingerprint, iris and facial recognition provided varied results.

Research and innovation from Astra Fasteners’ partners at VIZpin have developed the complete access control solution to cover both these weaknesses, the VIZpin VP1 Bluetooth access control reader.

The VP1 is an electronic access system controller that works with any electronic lock. The VP1 controller provides full access control and remote monitoring of intelligent locks without having to wire into a network or install, manage and maintain software. When connected to a secure, cloud-based platform, the VP1 controller allows Bluetooth enabled devices such as smartphones and tablets to be used as a credential for wirelessly actuating an electronic lock.

It’s simple to connect with only four wires (two for power, two for electronic relay) providing a much lower cost on installation compared to traditional card readers or keypads. It is also useful for upgrading existing access control systems. The VP1 can integrate directly with card readers, keypads, and biometrics. Users have the option of using traditional entry methods or assigned VIZpin Bluetooth smart keys accessible directly through a smart device. A fob can also be used for those who do not have a smart device.

Why choose VP1

ViZpin’s VP1 uses a Bluetooth-based system with secure 128-bit multi-level encryption. The device can be wirelessly accessed via any Bluetooth LE enabled device. Administration is easy through the VIZpin cloud-based administration application, which boasts no need to buy, install or maintain software. Additionally VP1 provides an audit trail for remote monitoring of access with time- and role-based key credentials for simple management of access, and the ability to authorise/revoke smart keys remotely.

Like most bluetooth devices the VP1 has a range of about 10 m and can be accessed through assigned smart keys in the VIZpin application available on both iOS and Android.

VIZpin system controllers work with the VIZpin cloud management tools and smartphone apps so you can manage and control access to virtually anything. They have a built-in long-range Bluetooth reader and can be mounted in a secure area, away from weather and vandals or out-of-sight for architecturally and historically sensitive installations. There’s even a solar-powered reader, a self-contained outdoor access controller for any installation where it is difficult (or expensive) to install electrical service.

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