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September 2019 Security Services & Risk Management, Integrated Solutions

Hi-Tech Security Solutions recently published an article on the new Command Center from Trackforce ( To gain some insight into the full solution offered by the company, we spoke to Andre Ellis, sales director for Trackforce in South Africa.

Ellis explains that the Command Center is the central application in managing a security team (or other field workers). It presents a visual display of who is where, using the company’s geolocation system to place guards on a Google Map interface. As a real-time system, Command Center can initiate responses or actions based on events as they occur. This can be dispatching armed response or medical assistance, etc.

All communications between security operatives is recorded in the dashboard and can be referenced if needed by the client. Similarly, all reports are also stored, linked to the client, and can be called up as and when required.

The goal of Command Center is real-time management of your security workforce and the ability to make better use of human resources through increased situational awareness. When you know what’s going on, you can make better decisions. The management capability is such that the company says fewer supervisors are required on site because officers are tracked and managed remotely.

For example, starting and ending a shift is done via the guard signing on and off via his/her device, while any forms which guards would normally have to fill in are available on the device. If an officer has to sign for a vehicle at the start of his shift, a pre-inspection checklist can be run through on his device to make sure all is in order and the individual doesn’t get blamed for any new damages. Simply taking a picture and including it in the checklist will validate any claims made – such as a new scratch, mileage readings, etc. This also allows the company to plan for maintenance and repairs more effectively.

A reporting module is also available offering a range of template-based reports that can be dispatched in real time to the relevant person or people, while also offering the facility to send reports at regular times – such as at the end of a shift or first thing in the morning. Should clients want a specific report that is not in the existing system, the system allows new documents to be imported. Once the template is loaded, the system adds in all the relevant information automatically before sending it out on schedule or on an event.

Furthermore, the location of the guard is tracked via GPS to ensure all patrols are done at the right time and the right routes are followed. This information can be included in incident reports to demonstrate that the guard/s followed the correct procedure in the event of something happening.

With so much information collected, the Trackforce system can also be used for rostering and T&A; (time and attendance), ensuring everyone is paid according to the time they actually are on site, doing their jobs.

Manage your security operation from a single dashboard.


The communications device offered by Trackforce is an Android IP68 rated smartphone, designed for the guarding industry. If the site has a Wi-Fi connection, this can be used to communicate with the cloud-based database, or 3G connectivity can be used. Users have the option of using their own Android devices as well. All they need to do is download and install the Trackforce app.

Using the Trackforce device offers customers more options in terms of payments as they can be leased for a set amount every month – which makes budgeting easier.

The device is also geared for visitor management. A full visitor management module is available, along with a mobile app. The application is customisable per client or site and can be used to scan cards and licences and so forth. All information collected is synchronised to the cloud where the visitor management system is monitored in real time. An offline mode is available in case there is no network access, with the device storing all the relevant information locally and synchronising once connectivity is restored.

The Trackforce system itself is cloud-based, run by the company. It is GDPR compliant due to the many international customers requiring this guarantee. The cloud can be accessed via a web browser from a computer, or via a mobile device for those out in the field.

Trackforce has offices in many countries, including South Africa. Ellis says the local office is not simply a sales office but also provides support and assistance to users in the region. Ellis says the company publishes its APIs (application programming interfaces) to allow others to integrate into its system, but is open to doing integration work into other popular applications. As an example, two local integrations include EasyRoster and Online Intelligence.

For more information contact Trackforce, +27 61 473 6809,,

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