Improving safety at healthcare facilities

1 August 2019 Editor's Choice, CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring, Healthcare (Industry)

Every South African healthcare facility must provide reasonable security to create and maintain a safe atmosphere to protect the lives and property of the staff, patients and visitors. This generally entails a varying degree of deployment of security officers and installation of CCTV.

However, the security measures in place at healthcare facilities are routinely called into question following incidents of abuse, violence or theft.

The reality is that healthcare facilities can be doing more to protect their staff, patients and members of the public. One such solution is Active Eye, Active Track’s articial intelligence software. By using Active Eye, an IP camera with as little as 2 MP can be used as a camera analytics system. When implemented correctly, the software transforms into a virtual employee or controller who is permanently on duty managing your healthcare facility.

What sets Active Eye apart from other analytics systems is the articial intelligence software itself. The articial intelligence learns the patterns and movements of persons and vehicles on site, and views and patrols your site on an uninterrupted basis. Where multiple cameras are in use, the feeds from all cameras are analysed simultaneously. Unlike a human, Active Eye does not sleep, take breaks or miss any potentially suspicious activities.

During its site analysis, if the software detects an activity that is out of your site’s ordinary events or times, it will send an image of the unusual activity to a human operator to determine whether the unusual event is actionable or not. At this stage, appropriate steps will be taken, such as notifying the control room and on-site security ocer to investigate the potentially suspicious activity on site, at the precise location pinpointed by the camera. With Active Eye, what constitutes abnormal on site is an absolute. The controller’s function is therefore limited to managing the exceptions.

The outcome is that suspicious activities cannot be missed. Moreover, they can be detected before they occur, thereby empowering the relevant persons to stop the occurrences before they transpire. The result is a substantially safer environment, without any capital expenditure.


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