Smart Living Home App updated

July 2019 Home Security, Integrated Solutions

An upgraded Yale Smart Living Home app has just launched with a range of improved features, enhancing the control of connected locks, alarms and cameras as well as a smarter interface to provide a seamless user experience.

The enriched main dashboard brings together a host of key features that make the locking and unlocking of doors while checking alarm status and arming control effortless.

Along with improvements that make the user experience simpler, the new app links to existing Yale surveillance apps and provide users with a live feed from a connected Home View camera. The added ability to add / revoke lock user codes and schedule access for only certain days and time periods means security is not only smarter than ever but allows peace of mind.

Lise Kimmings, managing director of Yale SA, says that the new version of the Yale Smart Living Home App will not only provide a totally new experience but will place full control of home security into user’s hands. “The level of ‘connectedness’ users can now have with their homes is truly remarkable, we are constantly working on new ways not only to facilitate that connection, but ensure it is seamless. The Yale Home app is a smarter and far more convenient way to protect your home.”

The Yale Smart Living Home app is available for download on the iOS and Android platforms and integrates a number of the Yale Smart Security range including the Yale Smart Home alarm kit, Yale IP camera’s, Yale Smart CCTV kits and Smart Door Locks.

“The Yale Smart Living range allows peace of mind that your house is protected whether you’re home or away. These latest developments give you the option to personalise your home security needs and leave you with one less thing to worry about,” concludes Kimmings.


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