Axis Optimizer for Milestone XProtect

June 2019 Products, Integrated Solutions

Axis Optimizer for Milestone XProtect is a suite of plugins and features that optimise the usability of Axis cameras in XProtect. It is regularly updated with new functionality and always available as a free download at

The Axis Optimizer provides one time installation for all relevant, required plugins for Axis devices on your network. It unlocks all the features and capabilities in both Axis devices and XProtect, bringing value to system integrators, administrators and operators. It automatically manages the plugin version discovery to configuration process – ensuring you optimally deploy and constantly make available the latest features in all Axis devices connected to XProtect.

The following plugins and integrations are included:

• Dewarping: smooth 360° dewarping of client-side live and recorded video ensures view using Axis cameras.

• Radar: configure and manage your Axis radar detectors, exclusion zones, etc.

• Visitor management: use Axis door stations to perform call screening and open external doors.

• Spot temperature: one-click temperature determination of an operating environment using Axis Q2901-E.

• On screen controls: manage access to camera-specific features in Axis devices.

• Speed dry: remove water and condensation from Axis PTZ cameras.

• Wiper: remove excess water and rain from the lens of an Axis positioning camera.

• Axis camera assistant: automatic camera settings configuration for all devices from within Milestone.

• Focus recall: Auto-focus for specific zones in challenging lighting conditions.

• Auto focus: for PTZ cameras.

• Auto update: easiest way to update the plugin handler.

For more information contact Axis Communications, +27 11 548 6780, [email protected],


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