Safety through facial recognition

June 2019 CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring, Products, Commercial (Industry)

The IPC121-Ei4N facial recognition camera from Kedacom is designed to identify a person’s face, which makes it a great tool to combat crime and improve customer service. This camera scans a person’s face by using the same technology that allows smartphone users to open their phones by simply looking at them.

The camera uses biometrics to map facial features from a photograph. After this, it compares the information from the feed with a database of known faces to find an exact match, in some cases as quickly as three seconds. Features include:

Image quality: The camera is equipped with a 2 MP, 1/1.9-inch progressive scan CMOS sensor, WDR/HLC/3D noise reduction, 1080p @ 25 fps, 0.002 lux for a colour picture.

Recognitive functions: The IPC121-Ei4N can recognise up to 16 targets simultaneously. The camera does this by automatically adjusting the focus and exposure to provide the best portrait of the faces. It can also recognise two people that are facing two different directions. This feature ensures that you see everything that happens in your home or business, giving you peace of mind.

Other functions and features: In addition to image quality and advanced recognitive features, this camera has an SD card slot, supports automatic network replenishment (ANR), as well as four multi-streams. It also provides bi-directional audio/alarm in and out, video out and RS-485. This enables you to not only listen to sounds at the camera, but also to transmit audio via the camera.

Forbatt believes the camera is ideal for the following environments:

• Airports – the facial recognition camera can monitor people coming and going in airports. It also assists in identifying people who have overstayed their visas.

• Businesses – the camera allows you to see who enters your business property.

• Retailers in stores – retailers can combine surveillance cameras and facial recognition to scan for the faces of shoppers. The goal is to identify suspicious characters and potential shoplifters.

• Marketers and advertisers in campaigns – marketers often consider things like gender, age, and ethnicity when targeting groups for a product or idea. Facial recognition can be used to define those audiences.

• Homes – the camera can be installed at homes to watch out for intruders.


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