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June 2019 Home Security, Perimeter Security, Alarms & Intruder Detection

The latest offering in home security from Fidelity ADT is a product that gives the customer the control they need over their home security – no matter where they are. Whether at home, at work or on the go, with SecureHome, Fidelity ADT puts the power of security at your fingertips through your smartphone making you feel safer and more in control.

“SecureHome enables you to view the status of your home security, quickly arm or disarm your alarm system, and receive alerts,” says Wahl Bartmann, CEO of Fidelity Security Group. With the evolving security landscape and the drive towards always-on devices and the Internet of Things, Fidelity ADT is paving the way in merging security with innovative technology that goes beyond just home security.

Today’s modern consumer not only wants more control of their home security, they want more control of every aspect of their home. Identifying this gap in the South African market, we are proud that this exciting new offering takes home security to the next level.”

All signals are still prioritised and managed by the Fidelity ADT monitoring centre, but the power of knowing is in the hands of the customer. This provides greater peace of mind and makes the system useful for every day convenience at an affordable price.

He says having a security system like SecureHome provides the necessary peace of mind. It’s worthwhile familiarising yourself with some good practice points first.

The first thing to remember is not to use your app to disarm your system when you are not at home. “If you disarm the system and there is an activated zone, you will not be able to re-arm your system and your security will be compromised,” he says.

He says if one zone is constantly activating, bypass only that zone and contact Fidelity ADT to attend to the problem sooner than later. If it is multiple zones, that is a tell-tale sign of an intrusion. Ideally if you have CCTV installed as part of SecureHome or the Fidelity ADT CCTV offering, you should ideally check your cameras first before dismissing the armed response.

Some other basic good practices include:

o Do not disable your push notifications. Take the time to set up the notifications so that you are always aware of your alarm system status.

o Do not disarm your alarm system if you are not confident that you can rearm it. For example when you have questionable signal.

o Set up arming reminders.

o Get in the habit of arming your alarm in the “stay” profile when you are at home and ‘away’ profile when you leave.

o Put your lights on a timer to create the illusion that there is someone home at all times.

o Ensure your security like CCTV cameras, beams, sirens and strobes are visibly mounted so they can act as a deterrent to would-be criminals.

For more information, contact Fidelity ADT, +27 11 697 7271, charnelh@fidelity-adt.co.za, www.adt.co.za


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