New sliding gate operator

June 2019 Products, Access Control & Identity Management

The new Sentry SGO6 sliding gate operator, available from Martin Electronics, is a cost-effective, easy-to-install solution for controlling domestic and light industrial gates with a mass of up to 600 kg. Feature-rich, reliable and robust, it furthers Martin Electronics’ goal of expanding its automation capability by harnessing new technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT) functionality.

Remote communication with the user is enabled via optional GSM/Bluetooth or Wi-Fi modules that can be plugged into the control system. These modules are internally housed in the control box of the unit. This allows smart app integration to control the gate and receive notifications regarding system status, such as when mains power is lost or an infrared beam fails. It also opens up the possibility of smart features such as the ability to share the device with other users to grant them access.

Other advanced features of the SGO6 include an anti-tamper alarm function based on a built-in accelerometer, a Hall-effect sensor for reliable detection of the gate’s position and direction of movement, and an H-bridge motor drive with thermal protection based on constant temperature monitoring.

Industry standard gate operator features are also implemented. These include a graphic LCD display as part of the user interface; a built-in RF receiver with a capacity of 500 remote buttons; adjustable gate running profile and advanced gate limits setup procedure; gate collision detection; battery backup operation in case of an AC mains failure; infrared beams with built-in ‘battery low’ indicator; backup of all settings and remotes via a Sentry backup memory module; and a built-in panic facility.

Tthe SGO6 is locally designed, manufactured and supported. This extends beyond technical support, comprising after-sales service, the provision of training to installers, and the establishment of a network of accredited installers.


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