Powell Tronics enhances PT-Guest

June 2019 Products, Access Control & Identity Management

Powell Tronics’ PT-Guest 2019 model brings a number of enhancements that increase user-friendliness and overall functionality on both the web application and the scanner option.

Web enhancements include the ability to add customised messages for SMS short code reply to residents. Powell Tronics has added a mobile-friendly website for residents using PT-Guest on a mobile web browser, thereby improving the user experience. The added iOS and Android native apps, which are available on respective app stores, provide for PAC requests, visitor transaction push notifications and historical visitor transactions. The reports clearly indicate iOS and Android PAC requests and notifications.

Providing security and estate management with a heads-up on expected visitors on a resident page allows for more careful planning and administration of visitors. The new version also includes a visitor limit per resident for a day, week or month.

A new exception report has been added that reports on visitor limit violation, expired driver and vehicle licences, failed user login, blacklisted and suspended resident login. Users can now log in with either an email address or mobile number. The exception sheet for the scanners allows for quick access to emergency services such as ambulances and police.

The new version allows for further scanners to be supported by PT-Guest, providing more flexibility in both choice and pricing options for users. The security officer can now also call the resident from the scanner, thereby obviating the need for a separate phone. Pedestrian visitor management is simple, with the functionality for decoding the new South African ID card.

The scanner will display expired vehicle and driver’s licences, thereby enforcing strict licence checks. The number of passengers per vehicle is also indicated in all instances. Scanners using PT-Guest will have the ability to differentiate between contractors and deliveries, with separate timeout rules. The new version allows the PAC to be SMSed directly to the visitor, eliminating the need for a mobile printer and consumables onsite.

For more information contact Powell Tronics, 0861 784 357, marketing@powelltronics.com, www.p-tron.com


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