Outdoor detector with low false alarm rate

May 2019 Perimeter Security, Alarms & Intruder Detection, Products & Solutions

The RISCO wired Beyond detector is the company’s next generation in outdoor detection, featuring an updated, sleek design. The model can be installed using the RISCO Bus for ease of installation and supports remote services. Features include K-band microwave, range control, digital correlation, direct sunlight immunity and active IR anti-mask.

The K-band microwave technology combines two K-band microwave channels with two PIR sensors for better catch performance and pet immunity, thus minimising false alarms. An adjustable swivel allows the user to set a specific detection range in order to cover their premises only. False alarms from external objects are avoided by using range control.

Digital correlation technology filters out detections due to rapid changes in temperature and small moving objects such as pets, and instead increases the signal of real threats by correlating two PIR channels. Direct sunlight immunity avoids common false alarms due to sudden changes in the intensity of sunlight, and prevents intense light from blinding the detector. Active IR anti-mask technology senses any covering or obstruction of the lens, such as spraying or hanging an item over the detector, to effectively prevent covert attempts at avoiding detection.

Installation flexibility ensures precise coverage of the protected area. The Beyond’s flexible installation is also due to the detector’s variable mounting height – from 1,8 m to 2,7 m. The adjustable 180° swivel bracket has been designed to provide the installer with flexibility to set the range according to requirements, between 5 m and 12 m.

Suitable for outdoor use, the detector’s IP54 environmental rating ensures complete protection against rain and dust. It is thus applicable for private homes, remote sites and industrial locations.


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