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May 2019 CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring, Integrated Solutions, Security Services & Risk Management

The consumer market has seen a dramatic uptake in wearable technology, and in the security market we are seeing a similar trend. Body-worn cameras are becoming must-have accessories for your security workforce.

As in all surveillance operations, body-worn camera products do not only depend on the devices themselves, but also on the communications technologies, the storage, the mechanism for downloading and working with the video data, and most importantly, the people involved.

Secutel Technologies says body-cam technology benefits include:

• More cost-effective evidence collection.

• Improved procedure compliance and service.

• Photos/videos are sent to the control room immediately.

• Device definition and monitoring of login times and on-line status remotely.

• The facial recognition and detection function – collects faces at sites, events and buildings.

• Remote monitoring; view connectivity status (GSM status and GPS status), battery levels and request photos/videos.

• Pre-plan the exact route to be patrolled via virtual waypoints throughout the site.

• Site and geo-fence definition to define a site, manage late arrivals and early leaving.

• The time and attendance schedule synchronises operations in real-time.

• Standard operating procedures can be defined for each type of event.

• Photos, videos and events are stored securely in the cloud.

According to Secutel, merely recording video footage or taking snapshots for off-line viewing after the event only, as most body-cams do, is not good enough. The SecuTraq platform is a complete integrated guard management platform. SecuTraq takes the familiar components of a guard tour and patrol management system such as: checkpoints, reports, incident management and leverages technology to provide an easy-to-use integrated guard management platform.

The SecuTraq platform supports the Secutel All-in-One body-cams worn by security guards or smartphones with the SecuTraq app installed. The Secutraq platform is available as software-as-a-service (SaaS) which can synchronise your guard tour management operations in real-time.

By using the SecuTraq platform, one will also be able to access analytics in the cloud, such as: facial recognition (with privacy protection) with automated facial collection and recognition for the identification of persons of interest. This enables the monitoring control room to make informed decisions and dispatch reaction teams only when required.


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