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May 2019 Financial (Industry), Access Control & Identity Management

Do you really know who your customers are? A lot of banks do not necessarily know who they give service to and this can be a problem that is only realised when it’s too late. Biometric facial recognition is becoming the most powerful way to prevent bank robberies and fraud. Why wait until something horrible happens before proper security measures are taken when you can deter and detect criminals before they act.

One in three bank robberies is carried out by a repeat offender. Through the development of advanced facial recognition devices, banks are now able to instantly identify career criminals with ease. ZKTeco has developed its new range of visible light facial recognition devices that let you know the moment a dangerous suspect enters your building. These devices can be deployed across an unlimited number of bank branches for when criminals visit multiple locations.

The ‘know your client’ banking concept that derives from this advanced AI facial recognition technology lets you have a better understanding of the type of people you service as a bank. You can recognise your regular customers via the facial recognition technology and alert nearby employees, or connect it directly to an existing ticketing system. Fraud can also be prevented, the facial recognition devices help you identify individuals with a history of loan, check or account fraud, and prevent them from committing fraud in any of your branches.

ZKTeco’s Facial Recognition Kiosk has a large touch-screen display ideal for running promotions while also enticing customers to interact with it. The promotions can be targeted because you already know your client. Thereby creating a safer and more personalised banking experience. One is also able to identify VIP customers so you can give them the white glove treatment.

The facial recognition kiosk also allows users to create any platform they wish as the device is Android based. For banks and financial institutions, it can be designed to ensure that all transactions are handled in a secure environment and provide good customer service by instantly authorising a customer’s identity. Real-time mobile alerts provide your security team with instant knowledge, empowering them to proactively counter threats and instantly alert law enforcement via this visible light facial recognition technology.

Facial recognition technology allows for you to get a personal connection with thousands of your customers and reward their patronage. You can maximise bank security using face recognition and can increase add-on sales and profits.

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