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April 2019 Home Security, Perimeter Security, Alarms & Intruder Detection

AC/DC Dynamics Security has introduced a smart DIY range of Wi-Fi security equipment that allows the consumer to control the level of home and office security needed without having to incur the cost of a technician or installer. The security system is built to offer convenient, real-time monitoring through FHSS wireless hopping frequency technology.

The system guards your home around-the-clock. If an intrusion is detected or if an abnormal amount of smoke is detected, it triggers an immediate alarm and notifies the relevant parties by SMS and/or app notifications. The alarm works even if an intruder smashes the keypad or if it loses power. Its wire-free connection sends alerts in seconds. The system can also make use of GSM communications if the Wi-Fi fails.

The company says there is no wiring, drilling or tools required, and no installation fees. Anyone can set up the security system in half an hour. Users can control their system from anywhere through the free mobile app.

With burglar, flood, fire and smoke detection included, the alarms are easy to upgrade. The AC/DC system supports up to 50 sensors so users can add more sensors whenever required. This includes surveillance cameras, allowing users to record any alarm events and motion detected by the camera(s).

Multichannel, frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) technology enables the system to hop between wireless channels to ensure the seamless transmission of secure communication. It offers protection against lost alarm message, interference and frequency blocking.

With an HD camera, home alarm system, PIR motion sensor and temperature and humidity sensor, and SOS panic button, the system is built to learn and sends intelligent alerts with HD video directly to your phone. The 90dB decibel siren will scare off the intruders and alert neighbouring residents when something goes wrong.

For more information contact AC/DC Dynamics, 010 202 3300,


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