Cloud video protects farmers

April 2019 CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring, Agriculture (Industry)

The safety and protection of farming communities remains one of the biggest challenges that farmers across South Africa face. People who live on farms and in rural areas are particularly vulnerable to armed farm attacks, where response times are lengthy due to the remote locations of the farms. This offers the attackers an opportunity to linger on the premises for longer, with a greater chance of the victim being subjected to a high degree of violence and brutality, compared to crimes in urban areas where the police, security companies and neighbours will arrive sooner to give assistance.

The SecuVue CVR, developed by Secutel Technologies, is a cloud video recorder (CVR) that can send images to the SecuVue Cloud and bring intelligence to existing CCTV cameras. SecuVue allows any farmer with an Internet connection to monitor their farm and homestead in real-time, and serves as a proactive approach; a pre-warning system to enable the farmer to take immediate action to protect themselves and their family.

The moment movement is detected, or an object moves into a defined area, it creates an alarm and a photo snapshot is taken. Alerts are sent in real-time to the farmer, his local farm-watch control room, or any other security company or person as requested by the farmer. This will ensure that the right people are informed at the right time. High-definition footage recorded on the SecuVue CVR can also be uploaded and viewed via a normal Internet browser.

SecuVue is a cloud-based system, which means you can do your surveillance from anywhere and at any time. The software intelligence and all images are stored securely in the cloud and password protected. Up to 16 cameras can be linked to a SecuVue unit, which brings intelligence to already installed CCTV cameras without the need to buy new ones.

The maintenance stack shows the current functional status of all cameras, and will raise an alarm if a camera is down or tampered with. Easy-to-configure watchlist management is provided, with automated notifications of when a person of interest is identified by the SecuVue platform. All events and triggers are displayed in an easy-to-use event stack (dashboard). The system also delivers a number of facial recognition and biometric features.


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