Turbo-charged security

1 March 2019 CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring, Entertainment and Hospitality (Industry)

Visitors to Tanzania’s Kilimanjaro Hotel can test their luck playing roulette, card games, and slot machines for big money and big prizes at the hotel’s Galaxy Casino. Galaxy hosts up to 400 gamblers day and night, but the casino does not rely on mere luck for a great video security system. It made a safe bet on Hikvision components to provide reliable video surveillance. Tontan Project Technology, well known in Tanzania as contractors for air conditioning, electrical, telecommunications, and ICT needs, was called upon to complete this project.

Casinos pose some of the most challenging environments for security cameras – low illumination, smoky air, flashing lights, and people constantly moving about. Using a limited and aging analogue system, Galaxy’s owner had extreme difficulty gathering clear evidence from a game table when a critical event occurred. Coaxial cable connected the original CCTV system, so Hikvision’s own line of HD-TVI products – better known as Turbo HD – was the perfect fit for this upgrade.

Now, 90 of Hikvision’s Turbo HD cameras keep watch in and around the casino without any dead angles – 60 DS-2CE56D7T-IT3Z and 30 DS-2AE4123TI. There is one control room using three DS-7332HQHI-SH DVRs and the powerful DS-1100KI keyboard. In addition to the gaming areas, cameras are installed in the corridors and reception desk area as well. Picture quality from the Turbo HD cameras and recorders came out decidedly superior to that of the previous, analogue set up.

The system is mainly used for establishing security in the case of theft or unwanted behaviour, and for recording evidence in the casino when, for example, there is any suspicions of cheating during game play. Security staff can use instant playback to verify any event that might be disputed, with the pertinent information rendered clear and unmistakable on a monitor.

After the system was launched, event response time greatly decreased and claim settlement rate increased. Claims are resolved in less than a minute with the help of the Turbo HD system. The owner says customers are more confident and the casino seems more secure.

For more information contact Hikvision South Africa, +27 10 035 1172, support.africa@hikvision.com, www.hikvision.com


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