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Facial recognition in education
February 2019, Education (Industry), CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring, Access Control & Identity Management

It’s that time of the year again — January back-to-school vibes. For students as well as educators this means new prospects to start the year off on the right foot. With multitudes of students, staff and visitors to keep safe, this becomes increasingly challenging every year within schools and universities – facial recognition systems play a huge role in ensuring the safety of all.

As in many other areas from computers to phones, security technology continues to improve and there are many more options available today besides static security cameras and metal detectors. Unlike traditional facial recognition devices in the market where face alignment poses a problem, ZKTeco has created a unique range of visible light facial recognition products combined with a flexible android platform.

This range of products is based on the latest artificial intelligence (AI) and neural network technologies. The AI visible light facial recognition products use deep learning algorithms to provide true cognition of faces, which enables larger pose angles. This year students in various schools and varsities in South Africa can make use of this technology, instead of being watched by educators or security personnel, if there are any. For the first time students can be monitored by a sophisticated new AI visible light facial recognition surveillance system that scans their faces, looking for matches to the school or varsity security database.

Based on the recent tragedies that have occurred within South African schools and varsities, AI visible light facial recognition technology could not have come at a better time. The technology can be paired with various access control, time attendance, surveillance devices etc. and can be used not only to monitor students, staff and visitors, but ensure that once individuals are recognised they have entry to various locations, thus safety of these individuals is maximised.

To make it even more secure, it is now possible to implement facial recognition in combination with the video and tie it to the policy database or an internal list of people who should not have access to the school or varsity.

AI visible light facial recognition technology gives one an endless platform to create a full security system without people, especially intruders, having knowledge of them being monitored. This ensures safety at its highest. With such a system, schools and universities can ensure that their safety is improved, and premises are not only monitored when someone needs access to a certain place or is logged on the attendance register, but also allows for real-time monitoring. Educators don’t need to worry about invigilating students during tests and exams, for any student knowing that you are watched 24/7 will ensure that they are honest at all times.

Believe it or not, there are still many schools where a teacher must go and lock or unlock a school gate or classroom door physically with a hard key. Today’s AI visible light facial recognition technology provides a means in which you can walk towards a door or gate and it will automatically open if it recognises you. No need for RFID cards or fingerprints.

The AI visible light facial recognition technology is a touchless biometric solution, which is much more hygienic than other biometric technologies. ZKTeco’s facial recognition products use an Android operating system that brings clients the unlimited potential to formulate their own solutions, based on the needs of their end users. Designed in various structures and sizes the AI visible light facial recognition technology is very flexible and can be customised to fit any solution.

Through AI visible light facial recognition technology, security options for schools and varsities are greater than ever before and are available today. These solutions can all be installed incrementally and prioritised to each school or varsity’s needs.

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