Dahua launches HDCVI 5.0.

November 2018 CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring, Products

Imagine a good security guard that happens to enjoy exceptionally sharp eyesight unaffected by the darkness; who also happens to be able to recognise each and every face and match it with the correct name. This guard also happens to be smart enough to identify potential threats approaching and brave enough to take spontaneously action; and who also happens to never get tired. Dahua says its HDCVI 5.0 technology accomplishes all the aforementioned and more.

HDCVI 5.0 consists of the HDCVI Active Deterrence Camera (a 4K/5 MP/1080p Starlight camera) and the HDCVI 4K and H.265 AI XVR. The combination of these products will take care of your security problems in the following ways:

Perimeter protection

HDCVI 5.0 can detect potential risks based on configurable motion, tripwire and intrusion rules. The system will send alarms to users when unwanted movement occurs. Furthermore, intelligent analyses filters minor objects like animals, insects, leaves, light, raindrops etc., thus reducing false alarms and allowing users to focus on real threats that are people and vehicles.

Face recognition

HDCVI 5.0 is able to determine if there is a face in the monitoring video and cross check it with faces stored in a database to see if it belongs to a suspect or distinguished guest, according to users’ own black/white lists, and take corresponding actions that could either be an alarm or a free pass without manual checks at entrance control. The system supports up to 24 images per second facial recognition and up to 100 000 face images in total.

Metadata search

Along with feature attribute information extracted from target faces, such as gender, age, glasses, masks, beard and expressions, metadata makes it possible to do smart search by comparison between the modelled object and the database, or matching identity characteristics, which significantly enhances accuracy and efficiency.

Active deterrence

PIR and motion dual-detection improves accuracy and reduces storage space for motion-based recording, HDCVI 5.0 cannot only send real alarms to users, but also warn off intruders with white light and a siren.

Starlight and full-colour

For HDCVI 5.0, darkness is no excuse. With starlight cameras ranging from 1080p to 4K with high performance sensors and larger aperture lenses, the system is able to provide colour reproduction and light sensitive performance resulting in more vivid, brighter images, even in low-light monitoring environments, such as parking lots, urban streets, shops, etc. Even in total darkness, the system still functions, thanks to light compensation with Smart IR (for common starlight cameras) or Smart White Light (for full-colour cameras).

HDCVI 5.0 keeps all the features of HD-over-coax systems, including seamless upgrade and ease-of-use. It further simplifies system deployment with practical features such as smart H.265+ encoding and broadcast-quality audio.

For more information, contact Dahua Technology South Africa, +27 72 628 6810, sales.za@dahuatech.com, www.dahuasecurity.com


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