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SBV services launches training academies
November 2018, News, Security Services & Risk Management, Training & Education

SBV Services has opened its bespoke security training and cash services training academies to the industry. The SBV Security Academy supports the public and private sector’s initiatives to address the cash-in-transit (CIT) crisis and the SBV Learning Academy provides specialised training in cash processing.

“South Africa’s CIT officers are tasked with protecting our cash economy and it’s critical they are prepared to react appropriately,” says Mark Barrett, Group CEO of SBV. “Over the past three decades, SBV has focused on creating, developing and deploying our CIT training programme that prepares our protection officers for any crisis they may face while carrying out their duties. Continuing with our commitment to collaborate with the private and public sector to uplift the industry, we have taken the decision to open our training academy to the rest of the industry.”

The SBV CIT training programme is facilitated by highly experienced instructors who have completed advanced technical training and understand the CIT industry well. Most of them have been CIT guards themselves, while some of them have a military background. Several have been exposed to CIT robberies and attempted robberies.

The programme includes theory and practical firearm training and dry-run exercises, basic first aid and firefighting; as well as training on CIT vehicles and standard operating procedures.

“The modules covered in our in-depth training programme give protection officers a reputational advantage and bodes well for future career prospects,” says Barrett. “The discipline and competency instilled in protection officers is beneficial to them in many different spheres of life.”

While the SBV Security Academy offers industry-specific programmes such as CIT protection officer training, firearm proficiency, guarding, etc., the SBV Learning Academy focuses on cash processing, bulk teller training and South African Reserve Bank training to name just a few.

“The transportation of cash is a public-facing service but as we know, there is much more to the cash service sector. The sorting and processing of cash is also a massive undertaking that requires a very specific skill set,” says Barrett.

The SBV Learning Academy offers a variety of courses which vary from two to three hours to five days – all designed to arm participants with the skills and knowledge to carry out their duties efficiently and effectively.

The SBV Academies have been formed to focus on skills development, while the SBV Education Trust focus offer bursaries to underprivileged students who would like to continue their studies at any of the registered universities in the country.

To find out more about the SBV Learning and SBV Security Academies contact Nadine Kriel or Chris Combrink on +27 11 283 2000, or

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