Elvey CCTV training courses

September 2018 Training & Education

Elvey has ongoing training programmes available countrywide intended to enhance technical knowledge, locate faults and maintain security systems with ease and confidence. Through Elvey’s comprehensive training courses, each customer or installer gains the appropriate knowledge, skill and certification, to competently install and maintain security solutions.

Some of the courses on offer include:

• CCTV analogue/high definition – eCC1 (1 Day)

3 October 2018 – Elvey Head Office

24 October 2018 – Elvey East London Branch

6 November 2018 – Elvey Durban Branch

21 November 2018 – Elvey Port Elizabeth Branch

This course covers the 6 components (camera’s, lenses, transmission medium, monitors, light and power) that comprise a basic CCTV system. Students will learn the roll each component fulfils and the effect each has on the overall performance of the system. This course is a foundation CCTV course and should be completed before any other CCTV course is undertaken. R500 Excl VAT

• Design a system – eCC2 (1 Day)

23 October 2018 – Elvey East London Branch

20 November 2018 – Elvey Port Elizabeth Branch

A comprehensive course for sales people and specifies covering operational requirements, site surveys, camera and lens selections and more. On completion of this course the trainee should be confident and competent enough to design a CCTV system to meet customer requirements. The knowledge gained here should enable one to accurately quote on CCTV systems. R500 Excl VAT

• IP camera systems – eCC5 (1 Day)

4 October 2018 – Elvey Head Office

25 October 2018 – Elvey East London Branch

7 November 2018 – Elvey Durban Branch

22 November 2018 – Elvey Port Elizabeth Branch

The Internet Protocol, explained in layman’s terms. This course will not only help the student to understand .T language, but also show you how to construct a basic Ethernet network which will allow you to connect any IP device. This course is a must for sales and technical people wanting to understand the connection and operation of IP cameras and networks. R500 Excl VAT

• NVR set-up – eCC6 (1 Day)

5 October 2018 – Elvey Head Office

26 October 2018 - Elvey East London Branch

8 November 2018 – Elvey Durban Branch

23 November 2018 – Elvey Port Elizabeth Branch

Many modern CCTV digital video recorders are able to terminate and record multiple types of cameras and transmission formats. All of these formats require the NVR settings to be accurate to ensure that the maximum and cost-effective potential of the system can be achieved. Some of the topics covered in this course are NVR terminology, user operations, OSD camera and NVR controls. R500 Excl VAT

For more information, contact Lethabo, train@elvey.co.za, +27 11 401 6780.


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