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September 2018 Training & Education

Nemtek is a leading supplier of electric fencing products. We manufacture and supply a full spectrum of energisers and fencing hardware for applications in agricultural animal management, as well as industrial, commercial and residential security fencing.

Nemtek offers the following modules of installer training.

• Module 1: Installation of an electric fence

This module covers all the hardware required for an installation of both wall top and free standing electric fencing. It includes planning of the installation, choosing the correct product and calculating costs as well as an introduction to security energisers.

• Module 2: Energisers and programming

This module covers the electronic side of security energisers. It will include an introduction to the range of Nemtek security energisers and the programming thereof as well as energiser specifications. This is a hands-on course and is recommended to everyone involved in the installation and programming of energisers.

• Module 3: Multi-zone and networking systems

This module will introduce you to multi-zone systems, networkable energisers and programming thereof. The different forms of communication, Druid network I/O cards together with the Druid controller and software used for PC computer interaction.

• Module 4: Animal management and control

This module will introduce you to permanent and portable agricultural electric fencing. This includes agri-posts, fence wire, ropes, tapes and all fence accessories as well as Agri-energisers (mains, battery and or solar powered).

For more information contact the Nemtek Training Centre on +27 11 462 1320 or [email protected]


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