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Residential Estate Security Handbook 2018

Industrial security solutions
July 2018, Industrial (Industry), Access Control & Identity Management, Products

Employing a facility security officer or security team can be expensive and frustrating when spending more time than desired on non-revenue generating activities. For industrial sites, having properly implemented security has become one of the issues of importance today.

Industrial security management is a continuous process to maintain the safety and security of industrial control systems (ICS). Thus, Industrial sites require security systems that incorporates all aspects of security, from physical security to manage the flow of authorised and unauthorised people on site, through to an increasing focus on cybersecurity as scada and PLCs have become a tempting, and unfortunately, easy target for criminals looking to disrupt, blackmail or steal information.

ZKTeco’s security and time management products allow clients to reallocate both time and money that can be dedicated to growing and maintaining the business during this time of ever-changing security requirements. Integrated security is more important than ever for these companies, therefore ZKTeco presents the ZKBioSecurity software – an all-in-one solution which can be used for any industrial site to construct a full security system.

It offers users multiple verification modes: fingerprint recognition, face recognition, palm recognition, finger vein recognition, iris recognition and card recognition. Visual attention detection for X-ray machines at the entrances of sites gives added security. X-ray-aided screening systems are one of the most commonly adopted security measures at checkpoints and building entrances for decades. Yet, inspectors who are employed to screen the personal belongings through the system’s monitor and further initiate more thorough security checks (e.g. hand searches) at the point of visual inspection may not be always paying attention to the images displayed on the monitor.

ZKTeco has developed a function which helps determine if the inspector is looking at the monitor. If not, the system will alert you until the inspector faces the monitor again. Energy saving for X-ray machines ensures the machines are energy-efficient. The X-ray generator is only activated when the sensor identifies an object’s presence on the conveyor belt; otherwise, the conveyor belt will stop moving. The system will take pictures for records when a client or an employee placed his/her luggage on the conveyor belt from one side and when he/she picked up the luggage from the other side to ensure each person collects his/her own belongings.

ZKTeco also provides a software development kit (SDK) for the entrance control which allows users to connect the product with third-party applications for further software development. When people go through the turnstile, electronic entry records will be stored in the cloud. Third parties, such as police officers, medical staff, will know who is inside the construction site.

Smart parking lock systems disallows drivers to park at a specific parking spot unless the vehicle has the authority to access the parking lot. The arm of Plock 2 can rotate back and forth when the parking lock receives signals from the sensor. ZKTeco has developed a device for inspection that detect threats such as bombs that can easily be hidden underneath vehicles. As a vehicle arrives at the checkpoint and goes over the imaging unit, cameras will capture images of the undercarriage and transmit them to the control unit which displays them on a monitor.

Automatic licence plate verification (with LPR cameras) located at the entrance of the parking lot allows for the licence plate number, colour and other information to be recorded. If the number on the licence plate is valid, the car park barrier will lift for access; otherwise, no access will be allowed.

Different from most of the time and attendance systems in the market, ZKBioSecurity can be linked with access control terminal(s), control panel(s) and LPR terminal(s) and allow users to retrieve access records for calculation. Real-time parking lot monitoring – provides an additional function for administrators to have real-time monitoring in the monitor room. You can check video images and information of entrances and exits of all guard booths in all parking lots.

Global interlock is another advanced security function that enhances security level by interacting with different security areas. It prevents persons from opening more than one door at a time even if the persons have multiple door access authorisation. It is also able to precisely appoint access authority including activations of access authority of specific doors only when the correlated doors are locked up properly.

By using the ‘Who is inside’ function, administrators can check how many persons remain in the specific area/room, with their detailed information such as the personnel ID, first name, last name, department name and access time. ZKBioSecurity offers flexible group scheduling to administrators. Users can group all employees in the company or in individual departments together and apply the same attendance rules, or users can set the attendance parameter like check-in, check out, and overtime rules.

For more information, contact ZKTeco (SA), +27 12 259 1047,,

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