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Transform your security
May 2018, This Week's Editor's Pick, Cyber Security, IT infrastructure

In this digital era, data is the currency of choice, changing entire industries and creating new opportunities. Unfortunately, these opportunities are presented for both organisations and their adversaries.

Jason McGregor.
Jason McGregor.

In many cases companies are learning of a breach, weeks to months after it has occurred. On average, malware has entered a system 205 days before it is detected. Just last month we saw another large-scale breach where a global fitness app’s 150 million users’ data was stolen in February, but the company only detected the theft at the end of March.

Highly organised adversaries are exploiting security gaps, with more resources and persistence than ever before. They’re transforming too. Attackers using AI react faster when they face resistance, doubling the number of data breaches and identity thefts every 15 months.

Traditional security focuses mainly on compliance requirements to prioritise security controls, with the misconception that a compliant organisation is a secure organisation. Traditionally, behaviour- or signature-based anti-virus and anti-malware solutions are reactive by design since they depend on previously seen behaviours or patterns to identify an attack. Because of this reactive design, they are increasingly ineffective against Zero-Day threats, advanced persistent threats (APTs) and targeted attacks like spear phishing and ransomware. Transformed security changes how security is done.

Transformed security changes the game

Transformed security goes well beyond compliance to identify the highest impacting digital business risks. It then designs a risk-driven security strategy, where security and risk management are unified. Identifying the most valuable assets and protecting them with a designed-in approach, it detects threats proactively while responding cohesively, with the ability to recover through planned strategies.

Dell Technologies’ portfolio delivers on the shift from traditional to transformed security through unified risk management, adaptable security operations, resilient infrastructure and trusted services.

RSA, a Dell Technologies company, provides RSA Archer as a business risk ­management platform, enabling organisations to ensure the right level of security is applied to the right assets, based on threat likelihood and business impact. RSA Archer delivers a clear, consolidated view of risk from across every part of an organisation’s environment to efficiently respond to the most critical issues.

Improved network visibility

Over 76% of organisations are dissatisfied with their current ability to detect and investigate threats. One option to improve threat detection is to capture data that provides visibility into the actions, movements and tactics of threat actors to increase the ability to defend against attacks. Network packets are one of the top three data sources that organisations have seen as valuable for detecting threats.

The RSA NetWitness Network solution provides visibility and analytics for network packets to improve threat detection. By enriching network data with threat intelligence and contextual information about your business, analysts can quickly identify high-priority threats and reduce false positives.

The NetWitness platform is an evolved security information and event management platform (SIEM) delivering threat detection and response technology. It enables organisations to analyse, prioritise and investigate threats. Through a combination of business context, threat intelligence and advanced and behavioural analytics, it detects known and new attacks across endpoints, networks, and applications.

Recoverability is critical

In the event of a breach, business continuity is of paramount importance. The inability to recover quickly from a breach could result in significant revenue losses to organisations, temporarily or permanently.

Dell EMC Cyber Recovery provides the ability to recover business-critical systems in the event of destructive cyber-attacks, including ransomware, by retrieving your data from an environment that is isolated from the network for maximum security. Cyber Recovery augments the existing backup footprint and protects it from attacks, ensuring fast resumption of all lines of business.

Dell Technologies’ Risk & Compliance Services include consulting, planning and implementation services to build a risk management programme, helping organisations build an effective approach to address privacy regulations by achieving better data governance and breach readiness.

For more information contact Jason McGregor, Dell Technologies, +27 (0)76 663 6820,,

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