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Patrol data acquisition reader
March 2018, Security Services & Risk Management, Products

Rosslare’s DigiTool GC-01 reader is designed with a focus on quality and reliability. It is a lightweight hand-held iButton reader intended for trouble free guard patrol touring applications.

The GC-01 reader collects raw data of guard usage, tours, location tags, user and event tags. It has three modes of notification for providing confirmation of tag data acquisition. Raw data is downloaded to either the GS-01 Reports Lite software or the GS-02 advanced DigiTool Call Centre management PC software, which provides tour management and archival features of the guard patrol system. The software is used to generate reports and analyse data.

The reader has an internal 1800 mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery, which can provide over 300 000 reads or six months of use before recharging. When used with the GA-06 leather holster, the GC-01 reader can be worn on a belt for convenient transportation.


• Low battery and memory full alerts by means of vibration, visual, and audio beeps

• Three modes of notification:

• Built-in 360° LED array for increased visibility of valid iButton reads

• Built-in vibrating motor for tactile read confirmation

• Built-in buzzer for audio read confirmation

• High capacity rechargeable internal 1800 mAh Lithium-ion battery

• Highly rugged and waterproof (meets IP-65 level tests)

• 9600 baud speed uploading/downloading speed

• Flexibility with the option to select models with Dallas iButton ID chip (GA-01/AT-32B)

• Tamper-evident seals

• Polycarbonate and carbon-hardened stainless steel casing, ensuring its light-weight, portability, and durability

• High capacity, can hold 8 000 events in non-volatile memory

For more information contact Rosslare Security Products, +852 279 55630,,

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