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Power simulator launched
March 2018, Security Services & Risk Management, Products, Training & Education

Cummins Power Generation has officially launched a new simulator at the Cummins Training Centre in Kelvin, Johannesburg, to demonstrate its entire product line-up as an integrated solutions approach, from genset controls to annunciators, remote monitoring, Digital Master Control (DMC), and transfer switches.

Alok Joshi.
Alok Joshi.

The simulator covers the broader African market, joining a similar set-up in Dubai for the Middle East and North Africa, with another simulator mooted for Nigeria in order to cater for Central and West Africa. Cummins Africa director Alok Joshi explains. “Our plan is to have these simulators located in key markets for consultants and contractors.”

In particular, the PowerCommand Control Panel (PCC 3300) will be showcased, which is an autonomous microprocessor-based control for paralleling, load sharing, and protection. DMCs come into play in complex systems such as data centres, healthcare facilities, and wastewater treatment plants.

“These are all critical applications in terms of standby power. We are now able to simulate real-time scenarios, and how our products respond to those conditions,” Joshi highlights. The simulator is aimed specifically at customers in the power generation sector that specialise in back-up or prime power supply.

The simulator essentially provides information related to electricity failure under varying circumstances. “If you have a single grid and it fails, and you need to share the load between different generators, for example, how do you simulate that?” Joshi questions.

Cummins Power Generation is now able to demonstrate how its range of master controls can be used to configure a particular generator, and how that generator can be synchronised with other units on the grid. “It is a fantastic tool,” Joshi stresses. “Of course, the generator or grid is not live, but you are able to simulate particular conditions in order to see what might happen.”

The technology behind the simulator has been developed by Cummins globally. “The architecture is something we discussed centrally, in terms of what we needed to demonstrate, and what do we need to showcase for customers. This is testament to both our flexibility and innovation in responding to our customers’ specific needs and applications.”

The simulator will be operated by internal Cummins Power Generation staff, which means additional training will not be required as they are already familiar with the extensive product range and its capabilities. In terms of application in the field, technicians have to be qualified to handle advanced products such as the PCC 3300 and our DMCs. Depending on the complexity of the system required, different types of master controls are also offered.

“The bulk of the critical components are made by Cummins. Thus we have the benefit of the knowledge and experience of everything that goes into a generator system. The simulator gives us a system overview from a controls perspective, and how we can synchronise a range of grids with different generators,” Joshi adds.

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