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Intact adds Veriato to its stable
October 2017, Cyber Security, Products

Security solutions distributor Intact Software Distribution has added Veriato’s range of intelligent solutions to its portfolio. 60% of all cyber attacks come from ‘the inside’. Veriato provides organisations with visibility into, and understanding of the human behaviours and activities occurring within their network.

Simon Campbell-Young, CEO of Intact says Veriato is effectively the end of insider threats, providing businesses with the ability to detect and respond proactively, without interrupting workflow or adding to the already endless barrage of low priority alerts.

Having a solid technology foundation, and investing in solutions especially created to deal with insider threats, lessens the dangers of falling victim. “Veriato’s solutions enable businesses to detect any anomalous shifts in insider behaviour through setting baselines, and evaluating and analysing critical technical and psycholinguistic indicators.”

Veriato’s User Behaviour Analytics was tailored to cut through the noise and deliver genuine alerts that can be acted on. It utilises machine learning and statistical analysis, to identify normal and expected behaviours of the employees within a company. Should a deviation from normal data access and or movement be pinpointed, a detailed alert is triggered. It doesn’t make use of an ‘is or isn’t allowed’ rule, but rather applies an intelligent analytical layer that lowers the number of alerts, allowing businesses to prioritise what is really important.

Campbell-Young says many such solutions don’t take this further, but Veriato also offers investigation efficiency through activity monitoring, by creating a thorough, context-rich and simple to understand record of the actual user activity. “One of the biggest challenges when managing the insider threat is balancing security without affecting your employees’ ability to do their jobs. Veriato’s solution quickly detects possible insider risks and attacks, but doesn’t impact on business workflows at all.”

The solution was also designed to detect any unknowns within the company’s perimeter, he adds. “It conducts ongoing reconnaissance within the online and communications fabric of the business, focusing on the actions and behavioural patterns of individuals at the point of intersection with company resources, looking for any anomalous behaviour that might be indicative of a threat.”

He says this works, because irrespective of how clever or sophisticated an attacker is, deviations from normal behaviour will cause anomalies from normal patterns. “The solution analyses technical indicators, such as the ways insiders handle, and move, data. It also makes use of psycholinguistic indicators to pick up early warnings of malicious intent through insight into the emotional state and attitude of employees, without needing a human review of employee communications.”

Should further investigation be needed, it delivers forensic grade results, acting as a clear system of record of insider activity for use in interdiction, response, and when needed, as evidence.

For more information contact Intact Software Distribution, +27 (0)21 487 4640,

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