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In addition to providing the market with affordability, Uniview IP cameras, network video recorders (NVRs) and long-range Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) switches have a number of characteristics that allow them to compete with surveillance technologies normally found in the higher end price bracket.

Uniview offers a complete end-to-end IP surveillance solution, eliminating the need to buy different products from different vendors in order to make the solution work. The Uniview solution also ensures perfect compatibility between camera, switch and NVR, saving the installer time during the initial planning stages as well as later on when the installation is performed. More benefits are unlocked through the licence-free business model. Its video management system (VMS), known as EZStation, can manage and view all Uniview IP cameras and NVRs from different locations, across a national footprint, either locally or remotely, dependent on the speed of one’s internet connection.

Uniview provides an extensive medium to high-range of dome, bullet, PTZ and fisheye cameras for numerous applications. All its latest IP cameras feature video analytics in the form of edge analytics.

Smart functions are available on both the Uniview cameras and NVRs. “Two of the functions that the cameras can perform include face detection and line detection. There is an audio detection feature on the cameras which picks up sound above a certain threshold and triggers an action on the camera. Similarly, the ‘scene change’ feature within the video analytics program triggers actions whenever a scene changes. Defocus detection ensures that if a camera lens is not correctly focused, an alert will be triggered. Finally, auto tracking is available on specific PTZ camera models and will automatically ‘follow’ a person into an area where there is normally little traffic. This is particularly useful in highly sensitive areas where access needs to be closely monitored.

Uniview has a wide variety of NVRs, from entry level up to 128 channels, for long-term storage. A big differentiator is the inclusion of an NVR U-code which reduces the compression size and provides a 70-95% saving on hard drive space. Furthermore, the NVRs make use of Ultra 265 technology, which is a combination of U-Code and H.265. Benefits include a reduction in storage costs, since the number of hard drives required for recording for a certain time are reduced. It also saves one’s network bandwidth for applications where bandwidth is limited, for instance on a wireless network.

Most of Uniview’s NVRs have RAID functionality. The 128-channel can handle up to 14 HDMI outputs, supports miniSAN for expansion units and has a redundant power supply. All Uniview NVRs support up to 8-terabytes hard drives per bay.

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