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September 2017 IT infrastructure, Products, Training & Education

One of the more critical technologies underpinning today’s networks is Power-over-Ethernet (PoE). It’s a technology that may not garner much attention, however, PoE systems (which pass electric power along with data on twisted pair Ethernet cabling) is becoming standardised and thus more popular. It allows a single cable to provide both a data connection and electric power to an ever-broadening range of devices.

One of the more increasingly accepted PoE switches is manufactured by Netgear. Its latest offering – the Netgear Smart Managed Pro Switch – is designed to support denser deployments of new-generation devices, such as the latest IP surveillance, IP telephony and new-generation IoT solutions which often require high-power Power-over-Ethernet or PoE+.

Netgear’s Smart Managed Pro Switch is purpose-designed to support today’s converged wireless networks where voice, video, data and IoT traffic are carried over a single network platform. The switch also presents cost-saving benefits to budget-conscious organisations which can take advantage of its low cost-per-port advantages and expansion capabilities to complement future growth objectives.

Of course, there are other elements in the corporate and home network that contribute to its effectiveness while appearing invisible to users. For example, uptime is critical and should a failure occur, it is reassuring to know that Netgear’s products carry a life-time warranty. They are supported and serviced by Duxbury Networking through its dealer network which offers a next-business-day swap-out on high-end models.


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