Next generation time and attendance

October 2012 Products

Brand New Technologies (BNTech) has introduced Avalon Biometrics ID2GO product, a biometric time and attendance solution for fixed and mobile use.

“ID2GO is a software solution that can be installed on a fixed machine or on a mobile Android device, effectively turning the Android phone or tablet into a mobile identity verification terminal. It is easy to use, install and integrate,” explains Dave Crawshay-Hall, CTO for BNTech. “The product is suitable for environments where personnel are located remotely but still need to be logged into the systems for time and attendance purposes. In fact, we have already had enquiries from game farms where guards located at peripheral gates need to be accounted for.”

In essence, the ID2GO Attendance solution is a complete persons register with an integrated AFIS, capable of storing and identifying an unlimited number of persons, but combined with a biometrics white list of enrolled persons. ID2GO offers photo and fingerprint capture and verification, unlimited number of users and many other features that make it the ‘next generation’ T&A solution. It is able to perform rapid positive identification of individuals, ensuring only authorised access to premises, networks and installations. The logging of each identification also provides a transparent audit trail mitigating fraud and unauthorised access.

Other key features include:

* Rapid AFIS identification

* Attendance check

* Duplicate check

* Biometric enrolment

* Unique ID number for each record created

* Structured person register

* ANSI/MIST file export

* Audit log

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