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July 2017 Surveillance

Power management is an issue for all security operations, whether inside a building or when monitoring vehicles on the road. In cases where organisations take their surveillance on the road, it’s easy enough to install a 12 V to 220 V converter to power your cameras, recorders and communications in a vehicle, but this is not necessarily the optimal solution.

Situations like these often see security equipment start with the vehicle and stop when the ignition is switched off. And if the operators simply stop the vehicle and immediately switch it off, the sudden starts and stops could damage the electronic equipment, including hard drives, in the long run.

Kedacom has a range of solutions for mobile surveillance, designed specifically for mobile operations. For example, because the power supply from a vehicle’s battery is somewhat unstable, the company designs its mobile NVR with a nine to 36 V power input range which matches most vehicle installations, irrespective of the size and voltage produced (whether 24 V or 36 V). This ensures that the internal power inverter can continuously provide stable power to cameras and other equipment.

Kedacom also provides additional power protection to its electronic components to cater for any sudden on/off functions. By connecting to both the battery and the ignition, the mobile NVR detects when the vehicle is switched off, but will keep the surveillance equipment running for one minute (by default, customers can change this to a maximum of 300 minutes). During this time, it stops the recording service and powers down the equipment. This function is designed to protect the surveillance electronics from any sudden shocks.

Due to the potential for damage from shocks during transit as well as the chance of dust getting into the system, the Kedacom mobile NVR does not use a fan to cool its operations. It uses a fan-less conductive heat dissipation design and specific hard drive heat management functions to ensure the system’s efficient adaptability within a temperature range from -40°C to 70°C without needing moving parts to keep the system from overheating or freezing.

Additionally, every Kedacom camera, NVR and Control PAD in the in-vehicle mobile system supports H.265 HEVC, resulting in a 30% to 50% reduced bandwidth and storage space required, while enhancing video quality over 3G/4G networks.

Kedacom’s next generation or mobile NVRs will inherit these functions while expanding to support eight PoE channels which support plug-and-play operations. And for customers with existing kit in their vehicles, the Kedacom mobile NVRs will also support IP cameras that support the relevant ONVIF profile.

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