FS Systems partners with CaptureTech

June 2017 Asset Management, EAS, RFID

FS Systems has launched CaptureTech, a key and asset management solution, to the South African market. CaptureTech was founded in 1999 and produces a range of key management products based on Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology.

The company’s products are scalable, from so9lutions designed for 12 keys up to thousands of keys. Using RFID, users can easily locate keys in a cabinet and the system will also notify the relevant people if keys have not been returned. There are various products available, as described below.

KeyConductor is a solution for key storage management. Essentially it is an electronic key cabinet. The KeyConductor is available with barcode scanning or with RFID and is designed on the basis of horizontal blades. A blade is a metal strip containing the KeyConductor technology with 12 key positions. Various cabinet sizes with different numbers of blades are available.

KeyConductor allows for automatic key issuing and collection, no human supervision is required and it can be integrated with the customer’s existing proximity card and/or swipe card system.

The KeyCop is a sealed intelligent key ring for one or more keys. Its purpose is to enable users to keep track of all the organisation’s keys, to improve security and to reduce costs. KeyCop is equipped with the latest RFID technology and allows for the simultaneous issue and collection of multiple keys and/or KeyCops.

The KeyCaptor is a RFID tracking and tracing solution for the banking and cash-in-transit sectors. It is an intelligent cabinet using smart KeyCop key rings for 100 percent effective key registration, countering fraud and theft. The system identifies and weighs KeyCops for identification, registration and to ensure no fraud or theft of one or more keys can occur.

See more at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXxkTcItD2g.

For more information contact FS-Systems, +27 (0)21 685 1111, enquiry@fs-systems.co.za, www.fs-systems.co.za


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