Workforce Management Solution Guide

October 2012 Integrated Solutions


1. Describe the solution in general: The lack of effective workforce management solutions are costing companies dearly, especially in large operational deployments. The utilisation of paper rosters causes administrative overhead and is unreliable. Manual processes can also not provide a real-time view of operations and deployment of staff.

ProSync for EasyRoster is a biometric identity management solution specifically for workforce management. It provides a practical biometric interface that, through its biometric data distribution engine, seamlessly transfers personnel biometric and card information across operations of any size over fixed IP or 3G/GPRS infrastructure. The seamless integration with EasyRoster delivers effective workforce management with fully synchronised branch, personnel and site data that prevents duplicate data capture.

EasyRoster is a workforce management system that helps to ensure efficient rostering of staff according to contract requirements and recording of attendance (as well as the exporting of attendance details to different payroll systems). The real strength of the system is the management reporting and the fact that it allows for management by exception.

EasyRoster Deployment Manager empowers operational managers to manage distributed staff deployments in real-time from a central location. Deployment Manager is developed to interface seamlessly with existing reader technologies. The integration with biometric and proximity card readers ensures more accurate attendance data, better management of staff deployments and a reduced wage bill through accurate and real-time information.

ProSync was developed by neaMetrics, as the distributor of Suprema in Africa, and has been proven, in conjunction with EasyRoster, to provide operational managers with the business insight and tools to perform their functions better, resulting in optimised operational cost by minimising administrative functions, reduced overtime and effective response times with under and over staffed sites.

2. In what industry sector was the solution implemented? EasyRoster Deployment Manager, ProSync and the Suprema range of reader technologies can be applied in any environment where a company is making use of shift workers. Current installations include security (manned guarding), cleaning services, outsourced service compliance in the property investment (retail) sectors.

3. Name of customer/user? Currently utilised by an international security company as well as two well-known shopping centres.

4. Name of SI/partner? Suprema hardware (distributed by neaMetrics), ProSync software (developed and distributed by neaMetrics) and EasyRoster software (developed and distributed by Easy Roster Software). Both EasyRoster and neaMetrics were responsible for development and integration resulting in ProSync for EasyRoster.

5. Name of vendor/distributor? EasyRoster is developed, distributed and supported by EasyRoster Software. ProSync is developed, distributed and supported by neaMetrics. The Suprema range of biometric devices are available through the neaMetrics reseller network.

6. Primary biometric product used? The BioLite Net is an extra-durable IP-based fingerprint terminal with IP65-rated structure, comprehensively sealing it against invasive moisture, dust and liquid, making it perfect for outdoor or indoor installations. From simple door control to complex networked environments, BioLite Net supports full T&A and access control functionality for up to 5000 users. It also features an illuminated keypad, LCD backlight and LED indicator for excellent visibility, offers secure door control and I/O expansion (secure reader mode) 128 access groups and 256 time schedules and supports anti-passback door zones for 64 readers.


1. Describe the solution installed and what were you hoping to gain from it? T&A information is routed in real-time via an IP or GPRS network to the EasyRoster Deployment Manager (ERDM) system, which processes time events, applies business rules and eventually updates the attendance details in the EasyRoster database according to user-definable business rules. The advantage of the solution is that you have more accurate time and attendance data at your disposal, with the flexibility of ensuring that the right person is doing the job.

The combination of EasyRoster and ProSync integration also ensures no duplicate data capture, from initial registration of a new employee, scheduling of employees, clocking of employees, through to payroll.

2. Which department was the primary driver behind the solution? In most cases the solution was driven by operational divisions. The beauty of the solution is that it allows for seamless integration between HR, operations and IT.

3. Did you integrate the solution with other access/identity management systems or other business processes (HR/finance/warehousing/etc.)? The solution forms a biometric identity management solution, offering seamless integration of biometric and proximity readers, payroll and workforce management on one platform.

4. Which company did you select to handle the consulting, installation and maintenance of the solution? Why did you choose this company/these companies? Consultation and maintenance of the solution is managed directly by EasyRoster and neaMetrics as part of the software as a service model applied by both companies. Installation of hardware is sometimes managed by external contractors but, in the case of enterprise deployments, the companies themselves are trained to install and expand as they require.

External installers are selected based on the national or international footprint required as well as the ability to adhere to the end user’s SLA requirements.

5. Has the solution delivered according to your expectations? Client expectations are normally met within the first three months of implementation. The integration between the Suprema range of readers, ProSync and EasyRoster Deployment Manager Software technologies enables clients to get what they pay for. The flexible integration between these systems allows for better planning (rostering), more accurate time and attendance details and eventually, a lower wage bill. The most important functionality provided by these systems is the power of the management information and reports that are provided. These reports highlight incorrect rostering in terms of the number and/or grades of personnel rostered at a site, projected and actual wage costs and personnel performance. These reports enable an operations manager to keep day-to-day control of operations in order to ensure that costs are kept to a minimum and personnel requirements are precisely met.

The biggest potential for failure lies in implementations where deployment of staff is informal and where formal rostering is not utilised.

System integrator

1. What technology did you use in designing the solution? The integrated solution was developed utilising a variety of Microsoft design and development tools and lower level proprietary SDKs for device interface.

2. Why did you select the products you did? We utilised these technologies due to the flexibility of integration, availability of resources to maintain and enhance into the future and the flexibility it provided to perform customisation for our clients.

3. What products did you integrate with? The solution seamlessly integrates with the Suprema range of biometric and proximity terminals. No specific device integration was required as the ProSync biometric engine manages device integration independent to the EasyRoster integration. The ProSync engine, developed by neaMetrics, interfaces with Suprema hardware through Suprema’s device SDK. This integration in itself is easy, due to the fact that one SDK is used to interface with all available Suprema terminals, meaning that one SDK communicates with 12 different types of terminals. The SDK is updated with each release of new hardware and allows for the addition of new terminals with a few lines of code, ensuring easy ongoing enhancement of the solution.

ProSync and EasyRoster integrate through shared data management, the MS SQL server, MS Message queuing and the .NET framework. As these platforms are evolving and getting better on an ongoing basis, so does the ProSync for EasyRoster solution.

4. Was the original manufacturer/vendor/local distributor involved in the installation? Suprema was directly involved with firmware enhancements to allow for additional device functionality required specific to workforce management.

Both EasyRoster and neaMetrics are involved with the architectural planning and design, back-end installation, product training and operational support. The EasyRoster and neaMetrics team functions as a unit focused on addressing end user needs.


1. Provide specifics on the products used in the above project? EasyRoster and EasyRoster Deployment Manager is utilised as the workforce management solution. The ProSync solution is the biometric data management and identity solution designed for integration of Suprema’s terminals into EasyRoster.

2. What facilities/applications are available to support integration with these products? Integration with all Suprema’s terminals are done through the BioStar SDK. This SDK allows for seamless integration with the full range of Suprema’s T&A and access terminals.

3. What skills do you have onboard to assist partners in integration exercises? neaMetrics has a dedicated software development team focused on assisting integrators with the integration of the Suprema range of products into their solutions. The Suprema distribution team provides full product training, architectural system design and hardware integration support.

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