Specifying quality cables saves lives

June 2017 IT infrastructure, Products

When buying cables for mission-critical applications such as security, fire and CCTV video transmission, installers should make their cabling choice as if their own life depends on it. To use anything but the best, most reliable cable, which is specially designed for the job, may even be deemed as negligent, as failure at a critical point when the system is needed most may have costly repercussions in terms of property or loss of lives.

To ensure reliable performance under all conditions, specialist cable and accessories manufacturer, Helukabel, has developed fit-for-purpose solutions to meet all mission-critical applications, including security systems, fire alarm cables and video cables. To meet the most stringent requirements, Helukabel has developed a full range of material types to ensure performance under all conditions.

“Ranging from ultra-rugged, halogen-free, super shielded, flame retardant or fire, chemical and shock-proof cables, to shielded cables to ensure data integrity and high quality video cables, the choice of cables is large enough to satisfy almost all requirements. In addition, if necessary, custom-made cables can be ordered and manufactured to exact requirements.

“The cables are also manufactured to be easier-to-install and have carefully engineered features, such as extra flexibility, easy running, colour coding and numbering that is designed to assist installers on site. Additional accessories such as intrinsically safe enclosures, glands, connectors, protection tubes, termination and connection sleeves and lugs, etc are also available to make the professional work of installers easier to accomplish.

For more information contact Helukabel SA, +27 (0)11 462 8752, doug.gunnewegh@helukabel.co.za, www.helukabel.co.za


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