New SerVision mobile DVR/NVR

May 2017 CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring, Integrated Solutions, Products

Graphic Image Technologies is pleased to announce that the new SerVision IVG 400-N DVR/NVR is now available locally, offering both in-vehicle HD digital video recording and live transmission for remote monitoring.

“The dilemma most surveillance operators are faced with involves having to choose between high-resolution recording quality and the ability to view real-time transmission, when it comes to being able to keep eyes on vehicles while mobile,” says Laurence Smith, executive at Graphic Image Technologies, “It’s now possible to have dual streaming of both HD-quality recording from IP cameras running at either 720p or 1080p, and lower-quality transmission of footage at the same time.”

With support for IP cameras, high definition recording and the SerVision-optimised H.264-based codec for live streaming at low bit rates, the IVG400-N is ideal for installation on any type of moving vehicle. “The IVG400-N enables fleet operators to remotely monitor their moving assets, drivers and vehicles in real-time, from either one central remote location or multiple sites or smartphones. While the compression is not as high as is possible with analogue set-ups, this product is still a market leader in compression ratios. Fleet managers can now expect outstanding quality HD recording with IP cameras, as well as live video transmission over IP, wireless and cellular networks,” says Smith.

Seamless integration with fleet management

Ideal for installation on buses, trains, police cars, delivery trucks, armoured vans, emergency response vehicles and more, the SerVision IVG400-N system promises effortless integration into other fleet management products, such as Telematics. “The ability to integrate with other products is a huge opportunity, given Intel’s recent acquisition of Mobileye – a company that develops vision-based advanced driver assistance systems to provide warnings for collision prevention and mitigation. The IVG400N has already been integrated with Mobileye and will work in conjunction with the in-vehicle CCTV setup,” Smith adds.

Additional advanced features that will appeal to fleet managers include geo-fencing, route deviation and speed alerts. The system has a built-in Wi-Fi interface that can be used to create a mobile hotspot to offer Internet connectivity to passengers or to wirelessly backup video to the SVControlCenter’s storage server.

“Thanks to innovative video compression techniques, SerVision has found a way to transmit high-quality video over all network types, which means that narrow bandwidth constraints experienced by most security sites are now a thing of the past. With the IVG 400-N, we no longer have to choose between image resolution and real-time monitoring,” Smith concludes.

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