Suprema unveils BioSign 2.0 and SFM6000 Series

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Suprema recently showcased BioSign 2.0, a game-changing mobile fingerprint authentication algorithm featuring the world’s fastest matching speed at Mobile World Congress 2017, held in Barcelona.

Thanks to the company’s latest artificial intelligence technology, the new BioSign 2.0 algorithm yields a matching speed of up to twice as fast as the best competitor’s solution while far outpacing competitors in terms of accuracy (FRR) and level of security (FAR). Moreover, BioSign 2.0 offers enhanced robustness over time and extra flexibility in integration by supporting various types and sizes of sensors.

BioSign 2.0 is designed to produce the best performance even with low-end application processors (AP), and therefore it will take up an essential role in terms of low-cost smartphones adopting fingerprint authentication. BioSign 2.0 performs matching speeds of 50 ms with high-end APs and 100 ms with low-end APs, while maintaining a security level (FAR) under 0.0005%.

When it comes to fingerprint authentication in smartphones, due to changes in scanning habit and skin condition, current technology often results in poorer performance with use over time. Powered by a self-learning mechanism on its algorithm, BioSign 2.0 gets smarter with use. BioSign 2.0 learns the user’s habits and conditions continuously, the algorithm self-evolves to cope with such change and results in even better accuracy with use over time.

On the integration side, BioSign 2.0 allows for extra flexibility in design by providing an extensive range of sensor options in terms of form-factors and types. From the world’s smallest sensor size of 13 mm2, BioSign 2.0 can be applied with various form factors available today and sensor types including capacitive, optical and under-glass.

Suprema launches SFM6000 Series

Suprema also recently announced the launch of its new SFM6000 Series fingerprint embedded modules. Loaded with 1 GHz CPU and the latest Suprema algorithm, the SFM6000 Series achieves the world’s fastest matching speed of up to 5000 matches per second and a user capacity of up to 25 000 fingerprint templates. For developers, the SFM6000 Series now allows for easier integration by supporting open source hardware platforms including Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

The SFM6000 Series is designed to provide an optimal fingerprint authentication solution for various areas including access control terminals, time and attendance devices, door locks, alarm panels, safes, vending machines, automotive, ATMs and fast-growing IoT applications.

Moreover, SFM6000 Series brings significant improvements on the hardware side to provide a robust solution for applications within harsh environments. The new improved optical sensor structure now provides IP65-rated ingress protection and the operating temperature is also extended to operate between -15° to 60°C.

SFM6000 Series also provides complete backward compatibility by maintaining SFM5000 and 3000’s form factor and sensor types. This allows existing customers of SFM5000 and 3000 Series to put minimal effort into the adoption of the improved benefits of the SFM6000 Series fingerprint modules.

“Suprema’s new SFM6000 Series is our answer to dynamic market demands from leading global manufacturers. SFM6000 Series will be the first choice for those who aim to build best-of-breed fingerprint terminals and will also address the growing demand from open source hardware applications,” said Brian Song, CEO at Suprema. “With biometrics becoming more popular for IoT, SFM6000 Series will provide our customers better opportunity to penetrate their business into this emerging market,” Song added.

For more information contact Suprema, +27 (0)11 784 3952,,


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