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February 2017 News

Security will remain a priority for companies throughout 2017 and beyond. The good news is that security systems and platforms are becoming smarter, allowing organisations to do more, creating value for the organisation that goes beyond just ensuring safety and securing assets.

Key security trends for 2017 will include the following:

• Systems continue to move into the realm of open security platforms that all allow integration of multiple solutions, such as access control and CCTV, and away from stand-alone or proprietary security solutions. The drivers for adoption of open platforms are greater control, cost efficiencies and greater integrated functionality. For example, being able to cut energy consumption by having a system in place that understands when parts of the facility have zero occupancy and the lights and air conditioning can be switched off. Companies with dedicated systems – eg, an access control system that only opens and closes doors – need to look at the possibilities of integrating these solutions to a platform.

• Rules-based systems are emerging that add significant value. Security solutions, such as access control, can now integrate into and help update and drive enterprise systems, such as workforce and staff management systems. For instance, a rules-based access control system that draws on enterprise information can define where an individual can go and what they can do based on rights assigned in an HR system. It can also auto-update rights as they change.

• Smart analytics and machine learning will become more prevalent. With more data available, there is greater opportunity to begin mining it and making sense of it. Video analytics, for example, is becoming quite advanced. CCTV and video management systems now include motion detection, camera signal loss detection, camera obstruction detection, alerting when there is activity in designated restricted zones, automatic licence plate recognition, dwell time and loitering alerts, and people and vehicle counting.

• Security platforms will start giving value back. It has become faster, easier and cheaper than ever before to interface into platforms and systems that are already deployed. The ability of systems to connect to multiple sensors and readers is now also given. As systems become more intelligent, basic functionality, such as passive surveillance in a retail environment, will be exploited to enhance operations, security and other business-related functions. For example, the surveillance capability won’t only protect assets, it can be used to identify where people spend time in a store and if the correct merchandise is available on particular shelves, or if lines at tills are getting too long and more cashiers need to be deployed.

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